Friday, May 13, 2016

So Much Randomness!

Hi all!

I am here with a lot of RANDOM stuff today.

We are in the home stretch (only 8 days left!!!!). In the last 2 weeks we have had our whole school field trip, our open house, and now it is assessment and report card time!

So I am stopping by with everything that has been going on the last few weeks.

1. Student Teacher Party
My student teacher's last day happened to be the same day as our Spring Open House-talk about stressful! We decided to have a candy bar at her party. They also make a book for her, gave her a gift basket of supplies, and did some GoNoodles!
Candy Bar:
Gifts for my student teacher-I sent a note home the during her last month and the students brought in supplies-this goodie bag was a total surprise to her!

2. Open House
We sent home invitations for Open House.
At Open House, I set up a little photo booth for the families to have some fun (it was also a way to promote our school twitter!-I suggested they tag their pictures to our school twitter).
We also had a parent make this fantastic display!
The students could take pictures here and decorate a frame for it.

3. Teacher Appreciation Week
Here are some goodies from Teacher Appreciation Week!
You can pin them to keep as ideas for next year...or to use for end of the year teacher gifts! :)
My dad paid for a pedicure for me during teacher appreciation week!
This was a gift basket from a student.
This was a gift from our principal. Love this crayon letter tote!!
Another gift from our principal-Tootsie Pops & Target Cards.
Another gift from our principal-she knows how we LOVE flair pens!

And lastly...
These are gifts that I'm giving to my son's daycare teachers!
Who doesn't love some Dunkin' Donuts?! :)

You are almost there, teacher friends...finish strong! :)

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