Saturday, May 21, 2016

End of the Year Activities

Hi everyone!

The end of the year is quickly approaching for many of us!
I actually am only with my kids for a full day on Monday and a half day on Tuesday! It's hard to believe...but we made it another year! I have learned a lot from this group and will be sad to see them go on to second grade.

Here are some activities that have kept us busy this last week!

(1) Ball of Fun
I decided to copy the beach ball on Astrobrights paper. The students chose the color pieces they wanted and glued them onto white paper. 
They chose 3 favorite memories from 1st grade to write on each piece of the beach ball.
You could also have students draw directly on the template, or use the template as tracers for construction paper.
There is also a worksheet copy if you prefer to just have them write or draw pictures that way.

(2) Summer Bucket List
My students used the bucket image as a tracer on construction paper. You could also just have them color the template. My students colored the shovel and glued it on as well as their list of summer activities.
There is also a worksheet copy if you prefer to have students write on that.

(3) Summer Sunglasses
I printed pictures of my students (8x10) in black and white. The students cut them out and glued them onto construction paper. They colored and cut out the sunglasses to put on as well. In the thought bubble, they wrote words or drew a picture of something they would be thinking while wearing their shades in the summer.
We read Pete the Cat Magic Sunglasses before making this project.
There is also a worksheet copy if you prefer to have students draw pictures or write on the sunglasses that way.

(4) Memory Sundae
I gave my students 6 ice cream scoop templates and an ice cream bowl. They were able to choose the colors they used and how many of each color. They cut out the ice cream scoops, glued them on, and wrote their favorite memories from this year.

(5) Mystery Picture
Boy Enjoying His Popsicle Under the Sun
This can be done a few different ways. Students can use the worksheet and the color code directly on it. You could also tape the number cards (included) up around the room and have the students do a number hunt to solve their mystery picture.

If you are interested in these activities, head to my TpT store {here}!
They are sold as a pack for $5...which is only $1 per item!!

We will be completing our Memory Book Monday & Tuesday!

Have a great rest of the year...and summer! :)
Check out some other great end of the year activities here!

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