Fraction Activities

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I'm here today with a few math projects that my kids completed toward the end of the school year. We all know how hard it is to keep their attention as we get into single digit days left. I decided to go the route of hands on activities and crafts...and it worked!

We were learning about fractions toward the end of the year. Here are some of our activities:

Fishy Fractions
I purchased a box of the rainbow color goldfish. I gave each student 10 goldfish. They sorted them, colored their page to match, colored the key at the bottom, and then wrote their fractions. This product has multiple options (5, 10, or blank to glue on the goldfish), and a fraction matching card activity. My students loved this!

We also created a few fraction craft activities:

Fraction Sundae
I gave my students 6 ice cream scoops and an ice cream bowl. They were able to choose the colors and how many of each color. They cut out the ice cream scoops, glued them on, and wrote the fractions to match. There are 3 different bowl options: 2 colors, 3 colors, and 4 colors. You could also have your students use more or less ice cream scoops depending on what is appropriate for them.

Fraction Squares
I gave my students a 5x5 grid. They were able to choose 4 colors to use to color their grid however they chose. They then filled in the key at the bottom and wrote equations to match. I have included a few different options: 10 square grid, 20 square grid, and 25 square grid. I also included different key options: 2 colors, 3 colors, and 4 colors. You can choose what is most appropriate for your students!

I have other fun end of the year craft activities that you can read about {here}!
Have a great weekend!
I have also started a new Donor's Choose Project...I REALLY want to try alternative seating in my classroom next year. I have eased into it with seat cushions and wobble stools, but I'm ready to really take it on. I would really appreciate donations or even just you sharing it with others! THANK YOU!

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