Pool Party Blog Hop & Giveaway

Hi everyone!

Today I'm joining in with Celeste to celebrate her birthday!
Check her out at The Education Highway!

I know some of you are still counting down to summer (don't worry, you're almost there!). But for those of you already on break, what have you been up to??

It has actually been a pretty yucky week off for me. The last week of school my 2 year old picked up hand foot mouth disease from daycare. So my first week of summer...you guessed it...I got it from him! The doctor claimed that adults get a more mild case and that some don't even know they have it because it's just a sore throat. Oh no folks, I had it worse than my toddler. I think I've had every possible symptom that you can with this virus. So I have spent a few days in bed trying to recover and I think I'm finally on the up and up. Thank goodness!
So we haven't really gotten to start our summer yet! We were able to get out a couple times and play in his water table, but I haven't had the energy to open our pool yet (hopefully this week!).
We also made it to a baseball game last night. We have a local minor league team that often offers some great deals...last night was $1 ticket night! Who can beat that?!

One of our big summer plans is to hit up the zoo...many times! We have a membership and it's always a favorite! Here's a zoo freebie for you :)

If you are looking for activities to get your class to summer, you can check out these end of the year activities!

Celeste is hosting some awesome giveaways for her birthday party and I have a product included!

In prize pack #2, you can win my Math Read Activities!
This is an awesome growing bundle!
These are activities that you can use for math to go along with read aloud books! My students have loved incorporating reading into our math block! There are activities for some common books that you probably already have in your room: Mouse Count, A Pocket for Corduroy, Five Little Monkeys, The Grouchy Ladybug & MORE!
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There are 4 great prize packs, so make sure you check them all out over at The Education Highway! And check out the free eBook of sponsors below!

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