Sunday, November 29, 2015

TpT Cyber Sale & Giveaway Update!

Hi everyone!

I'm so excited about the TpT Cyber Sale!!
I already have a full cart of goodies!
If you are looking for some quick holiday & winter themed activities, here is what I have in my store:

These 5 Christmas themed math activities are great for centers/stations or small group practice!
(1) Addition Ornaments: Problems include single digit addition to 20, double plus single digit addition, and double digits plus multiples of 10.
(2) Candy Cane Number Order: Students practice counting on and filling in the missing numbers (up to 100). Recording sheet included.
(3) Days of the Week: Students practice putting the days of the week in order. Recording sheet included.
(4) Months of the Year-Students practice putting the months of the year in order. Recording sheet included.
(5) Place Value Christmas Trees-Students practice counting the tens and ones and record the number for each card. Recording sheet included.

I have a few different Christmas themed counting cards to 120.

This includes 5, 10, 15, & 20 frames. Recording sheets included.

(1) Single Digit Addition Problem & Answer Cards
(2) Addition Doubles & Doubles Plus One Problem & Answer Cards
(3) Single Digit Subtraction Problem & Answer Cards
(4) 10 Frame Cards & recording sheet to write equations.
(5) Six letter pattern cards and 60 individual pictures cards for the students to use to make patterns. Activity sheet included.

A freebie for you!! 

And don't forget, there are still a few more days left in my giveaway! You could win a copy of the book: The Polar Bear Who Saved Christmas.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Christmas Read Aloud Books & A Giveaway!

Hey friends!

I cannot believe that it is almost Thanksgiving! Yesterday and today we had our fall conferences so we are officially on Thanksgiving break! This school year is really flying on by!

It seems crazy to already be planning December activities. For our shared reading, we will start the month of December with a non-fiction study of penguins. After that, we will get into our Christmas read alouds!

Here are some of my favorites :)

I just ordered this one from Amazon! It is perfect because we have been writing "how-to" books in writer's workshop. But I'm already thinking of a bunch of fun, creative activities the kids can do to go along with this book!

The Littlest Elf
This little guy really wants to be a big help to Santa...but tends to make a mess wherever he goes. He finds the right job for him!

Olive, the Other Reindeer
Olive (the dog), hops aboard the Polar Express to the North Pole to become one of Santa's reindeer. It turns out that Olive is exactly what Santa and the reindeer needed!

Is It Christmas Yet?
Teddy is super excited about Christmas, and really wants to help Bear get ready. Unfortunately he ends up just making a bunch of messes...and Bear angry.

Image result for llama llama holiday dramaLlama Llama Holiday Drama
Little llama is very impatient around Christmas time. He learns an important lesson from Mama llama about what is truly important this time of year.

Mrs. Claus Explains It All
A fun book where Mrs. Claus answers some of kids' toughest questions!

Pete the Cat Saves Christmas
I am a big Pete the Cat fan...and he is always a hit with the kids! This one is a spin on The Night Before Christmas!

Moose thinks he has everything ready for the perfect Christmas, until he realizes he forgot one key thing-the tree!

Turkey Claus
This book is by the author that brought Turkey Trouble and Turkey Trick or Treat! Turkey survived Thanksgiving dinner...but now Christmas is coming and turkey is on the menu! He decides to head to Santa for help!

Bear Stays Up for Christmas
We love the Bear books in first grade...and this one is no different! Bears friends keep him busy in an attempt to keep him awake for Christmas. A surprise visitor makes a great Christmas for Bear & his friends.

Snowmen at Christmas
This is another fun book in the snowmen series (Snowmen at Night, Snowmen at Work). It imagines the evening of snowman families at Christmas time!

The Polar Express
Always a classic!

Gingerbread Friends
Gingerbread Baby wants friends...but has trouble finding any. When he gets home, he finds that Mattie has a surprise for him, gingerbread friends!

I have one more book to tell you about. It is one that a student bought for our class this year!
It is a really cute book about a little polar bear that leaves his den in winter. He eventually finds his way to Santa's village and becomes a big help as a stand in reindeer!

One lucky winner will receive this book for free! Just enter the rafflecopter below!
Thanks for stopping by!

Don't forget...TpT Cyber Sale!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Number Talks

Hey friends!

Do you use Math Talks in your classroom?

This is my first year doing them and I LOVE IT! Seriously, the kids are showing me so much! I love that it gives them the opportunity to think their own way. They aren't tied to a certain thought or strategy. It is awesome! This picture is from our math talk today with number strings. All of the shared explanations were great, but one little girl blew me away.

I started by giving them the expression 3+6. Many of them counted on in their head or on their fingers. I always record a few answers that they are thinking and then we use their explanations to prove the correct answer.

You can see Ashley's explanation in the top left. She said "Well, I already know that 4+5=9. And I noticed that if I took one away from the 4 it would make it 3, and if I added that extra one to the 5 it would make ti 6. So then you get 3+6 so it is the same as 4+5 so I know it equals 9." I recorded everything that she was saying, and was blown away. It is amazing to see how some of them work through things!

I grouped their explanations together and made them smaller on the smartboard so that I could show them the next expression (3+7). I wanted them to be able to see the previous problem and solutions to see if anyone would make the connection. If they see it, great! If they don't, I just go with their explanations and give problems like this again in the future until someone notices their connection.

Of course, Ashley noticed it. She said, "Well, we already found out that 3+6=9 and 3+7 is just one more, so it equals 10." To her, it was simple. After she shared I could see kids nodding their heads like, oh yeah!

Again, I grouped the explanations and moved them to the side for the next problem.

Their final expression was 3+8. More of them caught on at this point. Zoe shared and said, "Since 3+7=10, I know I wouldn't have enough fingers because 3+8 will be more than 10. So I just had to add one more to get 11!"


I really like this book, Number Talks, to help guide math talks since I am new to them this year!

Have a great week!

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