Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday Made: 8/4

Hey friends!

I'm back for another Monday Made It!

This time, I headed to Michaels for my supplies. Have you heard about the promotion they have going on? Create2Educate! It's on instagram & you should check it out! :)
Here are my supplies (minus my hot glue gun that I already owned as well as the sticker numbers).

I started by tracing the pebbles onto the paper. When I was cutting them out, I cut a little inside the lines so that there wouldn't be a bunch hanging around the outside of the pebbles when I glued them on.

After cutting them out, I put a sticker number on each piece of paper. Then I put the tacky glue on the paper and attached it to the back of the pebble.

After letting them sit to dry, I used my hot glue gun to attach the magnet to the back. SO EASY and SO ADORABLE!

I will be using these for my classroom passes. I currently have some that I have been using, but they desperately needed updated. These go on my white board and the students move their number when they leave the room. There are sections on the board that say "bathroom," "another teacher," öffice/nurse." I constantly have kids out of the room for reading recovery, guided reading plus, special ed, speech, counseling, math interventions, the list goes on. So this makes it super easy to see who is out of the room and where they are!

I also did some major updates on my calendar card sets so check those out too!
You can buy them as a full year set or as individual months!

And don't forget about the TpT Back to School Sale!!
You can get up to 28% off all items in my store!!

Also, click the image below to enter the Teacher Created Resources iPad giveaway!

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Made It!

Hey friends!

I have not done much crafting this summer...and the bug finally hit me! I really wanted to get some things made for my classroom & I finally got around to one of them! So I'm linking up with 4th Grade Frolics! :)

I plan on putting this in my classroom doorway. I already have a window curtain, so I think this would be a nice little welcoming detail at the top of the door...that my little friends can't reach ;)

I purchased the supplies at walmart. All I needed was a curtain rod, 2 command strips, and some fabric swatches. 

The swatches I bought were 18" x 21". I started by cutting about 1.5" strips from the swatches and left them 21" long. I started with all one color to make it easier on myself. As I cut the strips, I simply tied them on to the curtain rod.
Picture 1 shows how I started. I started with the pink color and tied one on at a time, leaving space for the next few colors. After I had cut all of the colors, I continued filling them in and pushed them all together (picture 2). Picture 3 shows what it looks like from the top. After I was done tying the fabric on, I spaced them apart just a bit, so that they weren't all piled up on top of each other. Pushing them close together will give a more full look, and will also require more fabric. Keeping the farther apart will give a thinner look, and will obviously require less fabric. It's up to your taste :)

This is just to give you an idea using a doorway in my house. I plan on putting the 2 command strips outside the door frame at school and placing the rod on them so that I don't have to drill holes in the walls and it can be moved if needed.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Teacher Steals & Deals!

Hey friends!

On instagram teachers have been posting lots of pics of back to school steals and deals that they have been finding! I know, I know...back to school stuff?? But it's only July!

Unfortunately, the sales have begun. And I am not one to miss out on cheap stuff!

If you want to follow me on instagram, check me out at: ckjacob22

Here are some quick pics of things I have picked up so far!

Target Dollar Spot:
I have a Target addiction. It's true. In fact, I was on the local news a few days ago shopping at Target (they just happened to catch me as they were filming for a story...not actually a story about my shopaholic tendencies!) I found some cute Dr. Seuss borders & cards, some fun craft items (who doesn't need more googly eyes?), some items for math counters, and some clocks. I like that the clocks have the numbers for hours and for minutes! I also grabbed some thank you cards...teachers always need those!
I also found these adorable sandwich and snack baggies in the dollar spot. Love them!

Walmart School Supply Section:
Numbers, Shapes, and Alphabet practice games!
Word families, blends, & alphabet practice games! I also found a 10 pocket organizer.
They had 3 or 4 different themes for these incentive charts as well as stickers for them! A pack of 24 charts was 97 cents!

I love these little many possibilities!

Big Lots:
I love these colors. I bought some of the medium containers (far left in pink, far right in green) for $3.50 each.

Coach Outlet:
Okay, okay. This is not your typical back to school store, you say? You are right. BUT, everything was an additional 50% off so I couldn't say no to a new purse, wallet, and shoes for back to school! :)

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