Sunday, February 15, 2015

Five For Friday...Valentine Edition!

Hey friends!

I'm back with another Five for Friday!

This Friday was Friday the 13th...& our Valentine's Party! That's scary enough itself...
Every Friday, a grade level set of teachers takes turns bringing in treats. It's just another great thing about Fridays! How adorable are the treats that our third grade teachers brought in? And they were delicious!
Red Velvet Brownies, Strawberry White Chocolate Chip Cookies, White Chocolate Drizzled Popcorn, White Chocolate Covered Pretzels, & of course Candy Hearts.
Here are a few of the Valentine Party games that we played! These were some cute "minute to win it" games that I found on pinterest.
1. Heart Stacking: One minute to stack as many hearts as you can!

2. Marshmallow Toss: One minute to get as many marshmallows as you can into your cup!

3. Chopstick Hearts: One minute to move as many hearts as you can onto your plate using chopsticks! (I left them attached-it made it a little easier!)

4. GoNoodle Dance Party!
The kids LOVE GoNoodle. So we danced to a few of the videos on there at the end of the party.

Valentine Math Stations!
We also completed some of our Valentine math stations this week!
1. Valentine Bump-from Sunny Days in Second Grade
2. Addition & Subtraction with Erasers & Ice Trays

My TpT Store is on sale this weekend-everything 20% off! :)

Valentine's Day with my Babe!
Last weekend I took a few pictures of my baby for Valentine's Day! They turned out pretty cute :)

And my gifts from him (& his daddy!) A "mom" charm for my bracelet and an "I love you to the moon & back" necklace! The necklace is the same color as the charm, the lighting was just bad in the second picture! :)

I've recently become "Kinderpack" obsessed. I used to carry my baby when he was really little when we would go to parks and stuff, but he got so big so fast, that he didn't fit in the carrier anymore! I would love to carry him still and started looking into bigger carriers. I decided on a kinderpack from kindercarry. I got the monster mash pattern. We LOVE it. My little guy has been sick a lot since December (RSV, flu, cold, HFMD, cold teething!) so it gets used a lot when he isn't feeling well. This is a pic from when we both were down with the flu :(
Anyway, I was really excited because this weekend the drool pads that I ordered for the KP straps arrived! They are 2 sided-monsters on one side & chevron on the other. Love them!!

One last thing...Have you heard of Shop Kick?!
I just learned about it! It's fun & a little addictive. You earn "kicks" or points fot going to stores & scanning items in stores (with your phone). The points that you earn, can be saved up and used to earn giftcards! So far, I have earned a $5 giftcard to target! Awesome, right?! If you want, check it out!

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Currently & A Sale!

Hey friends!

I have not been very good about blogging lately-I promise to be better!
It was a rough January around my house. First, my little dude was sick with a double ear infection & double pink eye. Then right after, I got sick with the flu, a sinus infection, and laryngitis. It was not fun. I was out of school for almost a full week-which is not like me at all. I hate taking sick days! But now, I think we are all back on track!

I am joining in with Farley over at Oh Boy 4th Grade for a February Currently!
Pageant Title-I give a lot of dirty looks...some of them are intentional & some of them are not. I tend to have "resting bitch face" and I can't help it!
We are getting a lot of snow this weekend. They are predicting 7-9 inches, but I'm hoping they are wrong. I really don't like snow. We took my little guy out in it for the first time today...he doesn't like it either :)

ALSO, I have a sale running in my store this weekend. 20% off everything!! :)

I am also joining in with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday (...or Sunday?).
We love it. I personally like the Maximo Yoga sessions. The kids like some of the sillier ones-Run Like the Kitty & Ninja Training. You should check it out if you haven't already!

Peer Editing.
The kids have been working on non-fiction "all about" books for a few weeks. This week, they learned how to work in partnerships to help make their books even better. It is going well!

Fact Families.
We have been working on fact families or related facts. On this day, I made a bunch of fact family triangles and cut them apart different ways (some had zig zag cuts, some had curvy cuts, some had straight cuts). Each kid was given a piece and they had to find their fact family members. After they found them and made their triangle, they wrote equations to match their family.

Valentine Penguin Craft.
We started a non-fiction penguin study this week and the students have been helping to chart all of the things they have learned so far! Our craft on Friday was a mixture of penguins & Valentine's Day (the parts of the penguins that look like hearts). They turned out super cute!

This is SO not teaching related. But seriously, these things are delicious. I highly recommend you try them! I got them at Walmart.

Have a great rest of your weekend!! :)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Brrrr, it's cold

Hi friends!

The temps here in Illinois are freezing!...actually, they're worse than freezing. We went back to school after break on Monday & Tuesday. Then Wednesday and today were canceled because of the below zero temps. A decision hasn't been made about Friday yet, but we are still in a "wind chill advisory." So we will see!

What is it like by you??

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