Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Sale!

Everything in my {TpT store} is 20% off this weekend!

Lots of great things at a discounted price for


While we're talking about sales, you need to head over to Plum District for some awesome discounts on National Geographic magazine subscriptions! I love having these delivered to my classroom. The kids LOVE them!
Right now you can get a year of National Geographic for Kids for $12!

And you can get National Geographic for Little Kids for $10! I definitely recommend checking them out! :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mommy Madness

Hey bloggers,

So once in awhile my blog might take a turn toward a mommy blog! I am on spring break this week but hubs doesn't have spring break until next week...which means he will have the little guy by himself all day next week, which has never happened. Is it pathetic that I have instructions written for him?

I'm serious.

Instructions with pictures.

Hubs has done the dishes...maybe once in the almost 4 years that we've been married. So just to make sure my little guy has clean bottles next week, I have some picture directions for him. Haha. You can call me a control freak, it's fine :)

I'm pretty organized/obsessive when it comes to Jace. Here is his cabinet in the kitchen.
I {LOVE} it! I got it at Target. The top drawers are perfect for bowls, plates, utensils, bibs, bottle caps, etc. The bottom two drawers have pull out sliding drawers in them. These are great for being able to see all of the baby food flavors. Then underneath are extra bottles, sippy cups, etc. On top of the cabinet I have his bottle trees (for drying & storing clean bottles), cereal, and his food/diaper chart. Like I said, I love this thing. It makes organizing all of his things SO much easier!

Also, I got these adorable Toms on sale on Zulily!
They are still a little big for him right now...but I can't wait until he can wear them! So cute!

One last mommy thing...
Remember when I mentioned Citrus Lane before? Well, we got our March box last week! Here are this month's goodies...diaper buddy, 1-10 wooden counting book, high contrast animal art cards, plum baby food. I always love getting books for the little guy. The diaper buddy has 25 items in it (bandaids, thermometer, diaper bags, etc). We haven't been able to try the food yet because we are still on stage 1 foods but I can't wait to see what he thinks of it when it's time!
I love getting these boxes each month. Right now, it's more exciting for me than it is for him. But I love that he gets age appropriate things sent in a little gift box. It's super fun :)

Want to try it out? Right now there is a deal going that you can get 50% off your first box!

Okay...& since this is a teaching blog, let me pass along a little Easter themed freebie for you :)
Freebie: Peep Ten Frames

Have a great rest of the week!
Hopefully the weather is better where you's a ridiculous 30 degrees here. Super nice for spring break. Haha.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pot of Gold Craft

Hey bloggers!

I found this fun Pot of Gold craft from Tutus & Tea Parties! I modified it a little bit for my first graders. They turned out really cute! I started by quickly drawing a template on the plates. This just made it easier to explain which part of the plate they needed to cut out. Then I showed them how to color it (& the order of the colors) and off they went! I had them use the section of the plate that they cut out to draw coins, color them, and add them on. Quick, easy, fun, & adorable!

I know it's a little late to use it this year, but you can always file it away for next year! :)
We have report cards tomorrow, conferences tomorrow night, & conferences Friday morning...then we are on spring break!! Super excited! I'm a little bummed that my husband's spring break is the week after (first year we have had different breaks) but we weren't planning on doing much other than hanging out with the little man anyway.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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