Comparing & Contrasting The Three Little Pigs

Hi everyone!

This week we have been working on comparing & contrasting story characters and story events! I love using Fractured Fairy tales to do this.

Here are a few of the books we read this week:

Each day we read 1 or 2 books and compare the characters, the setting, the houses, and the endings. We talk about the similarities between the books and the differences. Sometimes we use a Venn Diagram and sometimes we just keep a running chart of these story elements. The kids always love reading the different versions of the stories!

We finish the week by tying this reading unit into our writing. I found this adorable freebie on TpT. The kids take the point of view of the pig or the wolf based on who they believe is telling the truth about what really happened.

Here are a few student examples:

I also have a few Three Little Pigs activities in my TpT store that you can check out!

We are finishing up our Three Pigs week with a STEM activity!
That will be in a separate post :)

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