Happy November!

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween week with your students...I say week because with Halloween right smack in the middle, it seemed like Halloween lasted the whole week! My students were all exhausted by Friday...and I was right there with them!

Check out some new items that I have added to my store!

For this activity, you need a pumpkin or two. They can be real or fake. And right now, pumpkins are probably on sale!! You write sight words onto the pumpkins and then students use the freebie recording sheet to practice writing the words and sentences. Pumpkin activities are great for October and November.

This is great for a math station activity or intervention group. Students roll a die and put that many bat counters on the cave. They roll again and put that number of bats on the next cave. They then write an equation and solve. Students can use mini erasers, bat rings, or clip art bats (included) as counters. You can differentiate this activity but having them roll 2 or 3 addends. You can also differentiate by using different types of dice (6 sided or more). My kids had a lot of fun with this!

This fall set of math & literacy stations included 3 math activities and 3 literacy activities.
Math Activities Included:
(1) Addition Acorns: Students match expression cards to picture addition cards (9 of each). Then they record the equation and sum on the corresponding recording sheet.
(2) Scarecrow Ten Frames: Students match ten frames to number cards (1-10). There are also blank ten frames included. These could be used with the number cards and students can use counters or mini erasers to fill in the blank ten frames.
(3) Number Puzzles: There are 2 numbers puzzles counting 1-10.
Literacy Activities Included:
(1) Alphabet Puzzles: There are 2 alphabet puzzles for students to put in order to make a picture.
(2) Pumpkin Alphabet Cards: Students match capital letter cards to lowercase letter cards and to picture cards that start with each letter.
(3) Word Family Fences: Students sort word birds according to their word family endings.

This is a set of just math activities for fall and they are different than the activities in the math & literacy set.
(1) Representing Numbers: There are 5 cards for each squirrel number mat. Students find the different ways to represent the numbers 5-10 and place them on that number mat. There is a recording page included if you choose to use it.
(2) Sunflower Addition: Students solve the equations on each petal and put them with the correct number (center of flower). There is a recording page included if you choose to use it.
(3) Representing Numbers on Ten Frames: Students can spin (with a paperclip) or choose a playing card (use standard deck of Ace-10, not included). Then they represent the number on the ten frame. You could use mini erasers, pom poms, candy corn, pumpkin candy, cubes, etc.
(4) Commutative Property Apples: Students find equations that equal the number on the apple tree. There are two apple equation cards for each tree. There is a recording page included if you choose to use it.

The last one is a freebie that I made for my son's birthday party. He had a pokemon themed party! This is a template to use for a goodie bag. You would need to buy white lunch bags and then attach these on to them!

Have a great week!

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