Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Donors Choose Help Needed

Hi Everyone!

I am super excited to try alternative seating in my classroom next year!!

I have taken small steps so far...I have 4 Kore Stools that my students use at our meeting table.

I also have stability cushions that the students can use whenever they like.

I recently purchased some stools from IKEA...but I have a few more things that I still need.

I have set up a Donors Choose Project for these last few items. I would like one more Kore Stool (so I can use them at a group of 5 desks) and 5 picnic chairs to use at a group that will be lowered to the ground.

 I also plan to have another group lowered to the ground and use mats for them to sit/kneel on. I purchased a few of these in the store at walmart and a few on amazon!
This is where I need your help!
If you make a donation of $5 (or more) you can choose ANY item from my TpT store!!
Yes, ANY one item. No price cap.

You can click the image above to go to my project page to donate.
After making your donation, please email me at to tell me the name you donated under and which product you would like from my store so that I can email it to you!

for your help!

Please feel free to pass this info on to anyone else that you think may be interested!

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