End of the Year Gifts!

Hey bloggers!

I know many have already started their summer break, but I still have 5 more days! I wanted to post a few "End of the Year Gift" ideas.

This is what my little guy will be giving his daycare teachers. The books can be used in his room and in other rooms at the center. I tried to send some different age books.
Nail polish, Kisses, & Books

The following pictures are gifts that the teachers at my school received from our principal during Teacher Appreciation Week. They are all great ideas!

Movie Gift Card

Tote of Supplies
Pencils, Pens, Post-Its, Mini Notebook, Notepad

Wake Up Wednesday
Starbucks Giftcard, Mug

Thankful Thursday


At the end of the year, I always give my kids a little something too. I always give them a book. This year they are getting First Grade Friends Forever: Second Grade Rocks! Scholastic had it for $1 each!
This year I will also be giving them some chalk. I love this cute idea I saw over at My Sweet Sanity. Simple & sweet!

What are some of your favorite end of the year gifts??!

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  1. I love that chalk idea, the kids will have so much fun with it. This year I bought beach balls from Oriental Trading and the students are going to autograph each others. Thanks for sharing so many ideas! Jodi