Friday, June 5, 2015

Chapter Books 1st Graders Love

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I recently saw a post about chapter books that Kinders love (over at Simply Kinder if you would like to check it out!). I thought it was a great idea and wanted to share chapter books that my Firsties love!

These are books that I read to them. We have a small read aloud time right after snack time. That is when I can read a chapter or two to them! I love this time because it allows them to hear me read-so that I can model good structure and fluency!

Here are some of their favorites!

In these books, you follow 2 kids (Jack & Annie) through many adventures in their magic tree house. The tree house can take them anywhere they see in a book! My kids truly fell in love with MTH books this year. We were able to get through book #8! They love how the story carries through the books and they love trying to figure out the solution in each book! We finished book #8 on the last day of school. Many of them said they were going to ask their parents to go to the library to look for wonderful is that?!

Junie B is a spunky little girl with big imagination and attitude. Her books start with her as a kinder and follow her into 1st grade...which makes her easy to relate to! Every year my kids love Junie B. She always keeps them laughing!

Freddy is another young character that kids can often relate to easily. Freddy takes us through the many common stresses in the lives of a 1st grader. My kids always get a kick out of his typical sibling relationship with his sister, Susie. 

Jigsaw Jones is a Private Eye. His friends are always bringing cases to him that they need solved fast! He works with his partner Mila to find clues and find answers! My kids always like trying to find clues and use them to predict how the mystery will be solved!

Cam Jansen books are another set of mystery books that are great for predicting the solution! Cam is a young girl with a photographic memory. She uses this to collect clues and help solve mysterious things happening in her community. Again, my kids love piecing together the clues themselves before the story ends!

As mentioned, these are books that I read to my students. However, I do usually have 1-2 students at the beginning of the year that could read a few of these and usually 5-8 students that can read these books by the end of the year.

If you are looking for some easy chapter books for your students to read themselves, I usually start them off with Henry and Mudge. The books are split into "chapters" and it makes the kids reading them excited that they are moving on to more difficult books, while still allowing for easy comprehension!

Another set of books that my boys LOVED this year, are the Who Would Win books. Oh my goodness...we could not keep these shelved in the library! When I saw how much my kids loved them, I bought a set to keep in our classroom library from Scholastic. Seriously, the boys loved these things...and of course I loved how into reading them they were!

Are there any chapter books that your students just love? Let me know so that I can look into them for my class!

Have a great weekend! :)

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  1. Thank you for this list. It's a great reminder for next year. Enjoy your weekend!


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