Book Roo Subscription Box & Discount Code

Hi everyone!

I hope you're all having an amazing summer!
My family had a pretty busy June with all of my son's activities, but they're starting to wind down so that we can enjoy the month of July...which we all know will fly by! :(

This month we decided to try a new book box subscription called Book Roo.
My son loves getting mail so he was pretty excited about it!

Book Roo offers 3 different box options:
Each box comes with the books wrapped for the child to unwrap and enjoy!
(1)  3 Board Books (ages 0-3)
(2) 2 Hardcover Picture Books (ages 4-6)
(3) 2 Chapter Books (ages 7-10)

Check it out here:
Interested in ordering? ORDER HERE
Use my code at checkout: SLIDING343
My code will get you 50% off your first board/picture book box or 40% off your first chapter book box!! What an amazing deal!

These boxes could also be a super fun gift for a classroom (imagine their excitement for each new box of books!) or for a teacher appreciation gift! Teachers love books! <3 p="">

Here's some info about Book Roo:
*Book Roo is founded & run by women (3 sisters in law).
*Boxes are priced from $16-$24 depending on how often you want to receive them and which age box you select.
*Books are reviewed by a panel of families attending Stanford University.

Do you have a favorite subscription box?
Let me know in the comments!

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