Wednesday, May 6, 2015

It's starting to look a lot like spring!

Hey bloggers!

Our open house is coming up!  My bulletin board in the hallway is spring ready! I updated my borders & background. The background is wrapping paper from Target :)

Our hallway bulletin boards are required to have writing displayed on them. The picture above has their opinion writing pieces on it. This week I updated the board with their realistic fiction stories (below).

There are a few art projects below the board that we have been working on. The flowers are covered in tissue paper. The template for this craft came from Mess for Less. There is a free template on their blog!
The kids colored the flower template first. Then they cut it out and glued it onto construction paper. Then they cut it out again, leaving some of the construction paper border. Then they bunched up their tissue paper and glued it on. So simple and so cute!

The other project is a cute caterpillar! This project came from Buggy and Buddy. We got the sponges from the dollar store and already had paint at school. So that we could finish the project in one day, we had the kids do their sponge painting in the morning. Then it had time to dry so that they could cut it out, add their eyes, antennae, and legs in the afternoon. They turned out really cute too!

I also started a summer countdown right outside our classroom door. It's time.
This was taken a few days ago...we are actually down to 17 days now!

Tuesday was my student teacher's last day with us! We threw her a little party with a surprise gift. Over the last few weeks, the kids were bringing in supplies for her gift. They would drop them off with the school secretary before coming to the room in the morning. She ended up with some nice goodies!
I sent her to the office with a note for the secretary (it was a fake note-it just had an inside joke inside the note). While she was delivering the note, I told the kids to quickly clean up and that I was going to get her gift and we would surprise her when she got back. They were SO excited. I have never seen them clean up so quickly! When she came back, they were all standing around her gift and yelled surprise.
They loved watching her look through everything that they had brought in for her. There was even a class book that they had made for her.
Then we had some snacks and a dance party. Good times were had by all :)

Happy spring, everyone!

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  1. I saw some kid work BBs on They weren't thematic, just simple and well organized.


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