Friday, July 26, 2013

Groupon & Educents Deals

Hey bloggers!

I found a few Groupon Deals that I thought some of you might be interested in! :)
I have used groupon before (successfully!) but I have not actually purchased these deals. So let me know if you have purchased these and what you thought of them!

small $7.99 or large $9.99
(I bought some of these in the dollar spot at Target so it seems like a good deal!)



I also found a few things on Educents that you might be interested in!

One Year Subscription to Magazine

Language Activities-Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, German

Sign up for the Educents mailing list to be updated on their newest deals! Also, there's a promotion running right now where you get a $5 giftcard for Educents just for signing up for the mailing list! Why not?!

There are also some back to school coupons/sales listed {here}!

My classroom is finally open so I went in a few days this week...mostly just to drop off everything that I've been buying during these back to school sales!

Here are a few quick pics of things I did while I was there this week...
I posted about this awhile back {here} when I first started the bulletin board and now it is finally done! The tree goes all the way to the floor...a few more feet than shown here. It will have monkeys with the kids' names all over it!
I finally got the title up for the display! Details about the letters {here}.
You may remember these from a Monday Made It a few weeks ago! I got them hung up in my teacher area and can't wait to start using them!
I'm revamping my word's not quite done yet but here is a sneak peek pic! :)

I'll post a full classroom tour when everything is done!!

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