Pre-School Practice & Fine Motor Activities

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I recently posted a new resource that I know some of you will just LOVE!

So, my little guy had pre-school screening this spring. He did GREAT on the cognitive skills but really struggled with fine motor. So, being the teacher mom that I am, I decided that we would have some pre-school mornings this summer.

I created a pre-school practice booklet for him as well as a pre-school practice tub of activities!

Pre-School Booklet:
My son knows his colors and most of his shapes, but I thought this would also be great for fine motor because he has to pull apart and put together velcro pieces. There are also tracing pages for practicing handwriting when he is ready for that! There are pages for numbers, letters, counting, ten frames, seasons, days of the week, months of the year, money, and more! You can check it out in my TpT store! I have shared it with a few personal friends to try out and the feedback has been great! :)

Check out this video of Jace in action using the practice pages!

Pre-School Tub:

Here's what I included in the tub for my son:
glue sticks
pip cleaners
pom poms
tongs (small and large)
muffin tin
construction paper (not pictured)

1. Pipe Cleaners & Beads: Practice stringing beads onto the pipe cleaners and pushing them down the pipe cleaner.
2. Construction Paper & Stickers: Write the letters of the name on construction paper and on the stickers. The child peels off the stickers and matches the letters on the stickers to the construction paper.
3. Pom Poms, Muffin Tin, & Tongs: Use the tongs to pick up pom poms and sort them by color in the muffin tin. More advanced kids could also do this using the beads.
4. Construction Paper, Scissors, & Glue: The child can cut strips of construction paper (draw lines for more advanced cutters). After cutting, they can glue the pieces onto another piece of construction paper. I even drew letters on the construction paper (one on each) and he had to glue the pieces on the lines for each letter.
5. Play-doh: This is great for finger strength. The child can squish, pound, and stretch the play-doh. They can also pass it back and forth between their hands in rhythm. More advanced kids can practice rolling the play-doh.

Those are some things that I'm working on with my little guy this summer...and he LOVES it! He's always asking if we can do more.

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