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Check out the details below about a fun spelling game using contractions that you can incorporate into your classroom!

A contraction is an abbreviated form of two words. It contains an apostrophe which indicates that there are missing letters. Help your children figure out contractions and their original two words by playing this simple game. 

It's easy to set up, encourages the kids to work together, and improves their spelling skills!

*index cards
(or a variety of the above)

1. Prepare: Make a list of contractions and the two words that make them up, such as:

can't - can not
I'm - I am
didn't - did not
what's - what is
won't - will not
doesn't - does not
isn't - is not
you'll - you will
I'll - I will
they're - they are
it's - it is
she's - she is
we're - we are
he'll - he will

2. Make word cards: Write the list of contractions individually on index cards. On another set of index cards, write the two words that make up each contraction. For example, for "can't" you will have two cards. One will say, "can't" on it and the other will say "can not." The children can participate by writing the contractions and their base words.

3. Set it up: Turn the cards face down and lay them out in rows on the floor or on the table. Ask the children to turn over two cards at a time. The object is to find the correct two words that make up the correction contraction. Once a match is made, ask the child to remove those cards from the rest of the game. Each child takes turns drawing two cards, trying to make a match. If a match is made, that child gets to take another turn. Otherwise, play continues as normal.

Continue flipping cards two at a time until all the matches have been made. The result? A game that's sure to make learning contractions a whole lot more fun!

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