Stitch Fix Review: July 2017

Hi everyone!

It has been exactly 2 years since I started receiving Stitch Fixes!
I have mine set up to receive quarterly.

Here is what I received this time:
This shirt fit so well! The top is ivory with a neon yellow collar and navy stripes. It is soft and the contrasting collar is so perfect.
I decided to keep this one!

This shirt also fit well, I just didn't love the print. It felt a little old for me.
Even though the price was great, I decided to return this one.

This shirt fit well and was a very pretty color with the lace. However, since I don't work in the summer, I typically wear t-shirts and athletic tanks and I just wasn't sure where or when I would wear this...and I definitely couldn't justify it for the price.
I decided to return this one.

This dress is so pretty! It is light weight and flowy and fit great! And I loved the price! I'm planning to wear it for my Grandma's upcoming birthday dinner! :)
I decided to keep this one.

I have only ever had luck with 1 pair of pants from my's just because of my body shape. These fit in the legs abut they were too big in the waist.
I decided to return these.

Have any favorites from this fix? If so, feel free to pin them to your style board for your stylist to check out!

Not signed up yet and want to try it out?
You will be charged $20 for each fix, but if you keep something, the $20 goes toward your purchase. You are not required to keep anything, but you do still pay the $20.
It's worth a try!


  1. My Stitch Fix personalized note this month said happy 4 year anniversary with Stitch Fix! 4 years YIKES!!


    1. Wow! And you are the reason that I signed up!! :)