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Sorry for my absence from blogging lately. Even though I've been out of school since the end of May, I'm in the middle of my Master's program and I have had a 6 week course (Statistics) and a 4 week course (Ed Tech) since school has been out. These have kept me SUPER busy...not to mention my needy 3 year old :)

I'm here today with some ideas from one of my summer classes. One of my electives was Educational Technology. I wanted to share with you some of the new things that I learned and hopefully you'll be able to find some ways to incorporate them into your own classroom!

The 5+ C's Framework for Social Learning:
We spent some time learning about the 5+ Cs: communicate, collaborate, connect, create, and curate. We discussed tools that would be useful for each C and how we could incorporate them into classroom use. Obviously, some of them could fit into multiple categories. I have listed a few ideas for each below with links to check them out! 






A few of these will seem like old news to some of you. I really liked Symbaloo for curating. It allowed me to create groups (similar to boards on Pinterest) of math websites, reading sites, etc. I'm planning to use this Symbaloo board and setting it as the homepage for my students. This way, they won't have to worry about typing in websites (which let's be honest, can take FOREVER with first graders!). They will be able to find the picture/word tile that they need and head right to it! I also found Bag the Web to be helpful because you can bookmark all of your favorite sites for later use all in one place! Who doesn't need that?!

Another big topic of discussion in my class was developing our PLN (professional learning network). I was able to include some of these new tools into my new PLN. For this activity, I used It was helpful for creating my PLN web. You can check it out {here}.

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Do you have any other tools that I could add to the lists above that you have found to be helpful?
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