Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Classroom Reveal 2016

Hi everyone!

Well, it is finally here...back to school 2016!
Summers seem to get shorter and shorter, don't they?!
Anyway, here are some pictures of my classroom this year!
I have made quite a few changes.

Scroll down for a lot of pictures!...

Meet the Teacher Night:
You can see that my group of desks closest to the door is dropped to the ground, as is a group over by our meeting rug. The seating options were the first thing I mentioned to the students as they walked in the room and selected their first seat of the year!
My smart board has been having some issues...so instead of have the students do an activity on the board like I usually do at Meet the Teacher, I had a slideshow up with important information (snack time, schedule, alternative seating, about your teacher, etc).
Student Gifts:
I always give out some kind of gift at Meet the Teacher. This year is a baseball theme! The kids loved them...and yes, I checked with our school nurse before making these...we do not have any nut allergies in our school this year!
Hall Display:

That's all for meet the teacher night. It was crazy, exciting, stressful, and fun all in one!
Now for more of a room tour...

Front of the room:
You can kind of see my easel on the left side of the picture. This is used during math, writing, and reading for creating charts, showing examples, etc. The focus board is new this year. I plan to type up standards (kid friendly language) to put there each week. Below that is where our lunch cards are kept for making a choice each day. The drawers on the ground is where lost crayons are stored for students to use when needed. They are mini drawers that I purchased at walmart. The smart board is front and center. To the right of the smart board is our calendar and our chart for recording the first 100 days of school.
Close up of our focus board.

Classroom Library:
The black, gray, and sky blue tubs on the bottom left shelf are my leveled texts. Students choose most of their books for book boxes from these tubs. The tubs were purchased at Big Lots. (The shelf above that is storage for reader's workshop activities and games).
The large dark blue tubs (purchased at Really Good Stuff) toward the corner hold non-fiction books sorted by topic. Students can also choose from these books for their book boxes.
The shelves on the right hold fiction books & holiday books by topics (Clifford, Arthur, Halloween, Christmas, etc). These tubs were purchased at Dollar Tree. Again, these can also be added to book boxes by the students.
The hanging lanterns were purchased at Party City.

Student Computer Area:
The desktop backgrounds are free downloads from Reagan Tunstall!
The table (for students to stand and work at during writing time) was purchased at Target.
The ABC bench in the bottom right was purchased on Zulily.
(The reading wall behind it will have our mini lesson charts on it.)

Word Wall:
The word wall starts with the kindergarten high frequency words on it. I used Astrobrights paper for the different sections.
The alphabet headers are from my Black & White Decor Pack.

Student Desks:
The bookshelves next to each group are new this year. They were purchased at Big Lots. They will hold student book boxes, white boards, dry erase markers, and other misc items. Each team also has a 3 drawer shelf for math manips (10 frames, cubes, etc), writing items (writing holders, space sticks, etc), and their extra supplies that aren't needed until later in the year (extra glue sticks, pencils, etc).
This group of desks is lowered to the ground and using mats to sit or kneel on. These were purchased on Amazon.
This group of desks is also lowered to the ground. Students have the option of using these seat cushions or these picnic chairs.
Groups that are not lowered to the ground have the option of using regular chairs, regular chairs with seat cushions, Kore wobble stools, or regular stools.

Bulletin Boards:
I walked around and took pictures of some of the bulletin boards at my school!
And mine! :)

I made these magnets for when kids are out of the room. I purchased the magnets on Amazon.

I also wanted to add some personal touches to the room this year to make it feel more "homey."
I purchased these frames at Hobby Lobby and the lamp at Big Lots. 
These frames are from Michaels and the little vases, sequins, and flowers are from Hobby Lobby.
The quotes are a free download from Learning in Wonderland and Khrys Bosland.

Teacher Gift:
How cute is this little candy jar? All of the teachers got one from a parent in my class! So sweet.

After looking at these...it looks like I missed my guided math/guided reading area!
I'll add those pictures in later this week!

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