Spring Art Projects!

Hi everyone!

I'm here today with some great spring art projects!

The first one is a project that my student teacher found on Pinterest.
The project comes from Crafty Morning.
Check out the link above for supplies needed & directions!

Our next project was for math! We have been working on double digit addition forever for a few weeks. I really wanted something fun for them to do that would also incorporate our math skill.
Supplies Needed:
**crayons (or construction paper)
**black marker

1. Copy templates for each child (click link above for the freebie!).
2. Students write their equation on dry erase (or scratch paper) to be approved by the teacher.
3. Students write their equation on the flower with black marker and answer on the stem.
4. Students color their templates with crayon (markers will make the paper curl).
4. Students cut out their templates & glue together (glue stick works fine).
5. Students color and cut out base ten blocks to match their equation.
6. Students glue base ten blocks on the flower petals.

If you would prefer, you can cut out multiple copies of the templates for the students to use as tracers on construction paper! Then they can skip the whole coloring part!

We have some of the projects on our door...
And under our bulletin board...

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 Happy Spring!

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