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Hello again!

Today I'm joining the Books & Brackets Blog Hop hosted by Neat, Sweet, and Hard to Beat!

As part of this blog hop, I have chosen a book that I like to use in the month of March.
The book I'm sharing is The Leprechaun's Gold by Pamela Duncan Edwards.

We are currently in our fiction story element unit in reading. Whenever possible, I like to incorporate seasonal or holiday books. Our conversations have centered around characters, setting, problem/solution, character change, and feelings so far.

In The Leprechaun's Gold, two men (Young Tom & Old Pat) are traveling to a harpist contest. On the way there, Old Pat encounters a problem when one of his harp strings breaks (by the hand of Young Tom). I won't spoil the ending or the resolution. This book could be used for a single lesson or consecutive days of lessons.
You can check out the freebie pack that I have to go along with this book {here}. I have included graphic organizers to use to go along with this book and fiction story elements.
Check some of them out below!

Character Traits
This book does a nice job of fully describing the two main characters. It's a great example of how to develop characters as well as how to learn about character traits from the words and the pictures of the book. Some of these traits may even evoke some feelings from your students!
Beginning, Middle, End
The students can practice a simple retell of the beginning, middle, and end of this book.

This book has a clear problem and solution centered around Old Pat's harp. Students can demonstrate their understanding of the problem and solution.
Question and Answer
These questions require a little more thinking on the part of the students. These are great for thinking beyond the text comprehension. You could have them write their answers or you could use the questions for discussion.

Now for the best part (I know, the freebie is pretty great, but hang on!)...

One lucky follower will win a free copy of the book, The Leprechaun's Gold!
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  1. This leprechaun book sounds perfect for teaching my students about problems and solutions in stories! I will be checking this book out this week! Thank you for participating in the blog hop!

    Neat Sweet & Hard to Beat

  2. I love this book and can't wait to use the free product! Thanks for sharing. Where in IL do you teach? I was in NW suburbs before moving to WI. And you're a baseball fan? Please tell me it's the CUBS! It could be our year! :o)
    Our Elementary Lives

    1. I'm in Central Illinois, near Peoria. I'm originally from Joliet though! I'm sorry to disappoint you...I'm a WHITE SOX fan!! Haha. But my husband is a Cubs fan so that has to get me some points, right?? I'm always told it could be worse-I could be a Cardinals fan! ;) I'm excited for Cubs fans though-I hope it finally is their year!

  3. Great visual for kids to use to set goals! As an SLP, I'm really into goal-setting-both for school and home. :)

  4. This looks like a great book and touches on so many literary elements that we are working on right now. Thanks for the great freebie to go along with it, this will be perfect for my kiddos.

    Luv My Kinders

  5. I love using this book for story elements too! What a wonderful book and freebie!

    Reading Toward the Stars

  6. OOOH I hope I win the GIVEAWAY! Fingers crossed!

  7. We love this book!!! Thanks for the great freebie!!!

  8. I haven't use this book before, so I'm excited to find out about a new one to use for St. Patrick's Day. Thank you for the free download. We are working on retelling in my first graders, so the packet is perfect!
    First Grade Schoolhouse

  9. This is an awesome book! I am always looking for new ones and I haven't heard of this one before. I love your graphic organizers. Thanks so much for sharing!
    Mrs B's First Grade