Saturday, August 22, 2015


Hey bloggers!

My giveaway has ended!
First of all, thank you so much to everyone that donated products & money so that we could run this giveaway for my fabulous followers! I couldn't have done it without you!

And thank you to all of my followers! We wouldn't have had this giveaway if it wasn't for you! :)

Now, to the good part!
I used the rafflecopter to select winners.
The prizes were assigned in the ordered they were listed, to the winners in the order they were chosen!

1. $15 Target Gift Card-Amy Mehallic
2. Editable Parent Handbook-Lupe Roznowski
3. Fractions Song-Lori R
4. Writing Helpers-Emily
5. Early Finishers Task Cards-Kelly Brown
6. Happy Mail-Sarah B Larson

7. $10 Amazon Gift Card-Tammy Lynn
8. Winner's Choice from Fab & Fun in 4th-Karen Barnes Huffman
9. Star Wars Stations-Chandra Martin
10. School Poetry Kit-Amber Unger
11. Happy Mail-Michelle Yee
12. Reading Comprehension Passages-Eilidh Husby

13. $5 TpT Gift Card-Melissa Jennings
14. $5 TpT Gift Card-Amy Mc
15. $10 Store Credit from Momma with a Teaching Mission-Kathleen Marie
16. Polka Dot Decor Pack-Zayda Parra
17. Winner's Choice from Wolfelicious-Cherie Mae Ong
18. Pound It, Build It, Write It-Purple Palmetto
19. Happy Mail-Michelle Chen

20. $20 Stitch Fix Gift Card-Emily Levine

The winners will be contacted by watch for it!
Thanks again & I hope everyone has a wonderful school year!


  1. Thank you for the gift card!!! I really appreciate it :)

  2. I won! Thank you for the amazon gift card!

    Here's what I'm getting with it:

    I'm excited :)


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