Sunday, December 14, 2014

I think I can...I think I can...

Hey bloggers!

We are almost there...5 school days left! This school year is seriously flying. I'm fine with it. Here is what we have been up to lately!

Here is our main parent gift this year:
Snowmen Ornaments!
I have seen these all over the blog sites this year! I have seen them with fancy names on them, with earmuffs on them...but I'll be honest, I don't have time to add fancy names or hot glue earmuffs on to 26 ornaments. If it isn't something the kids can do themselves, we don't do it. These were super simple though! Here is what you need:
-clear, plastic ornaments (I got mine at Michael's)
-white & clear shred
-sharpie paint pens (black & orange)

I had my kids watch Frosty the Snowman while I called groups of kids back to make their own Frosty! They loved it.

We will also be making snowflake ornaments from popsicle sticks this week to send home as our second parent gift.

This is the gift that came home with my little guy from daycare! Love it of course :)

This is what I made my student teacher for Christmas:
A Teacher Clipboard!
 This one was pretty simple as well. What you will need:
-clipboard (I chose clear from Walmart)
-cutting machine (I used my Silhouette Cameo)
-adhesive vinyl
-Sticko letter stickers

I found some cute polka dot apple cut outs to use with my Cameo. I cut them on to red & green adhesive vinyl. I used the polka dots that came out of the apples for decorations around the apples on the board. I then used Sticko Letter stickers for the name on the back and the initial on the front. You could also use your cutting machine to cut letters out though. Then I tied the ribbon on to the front board clasp. It looks great! I added a few book too (Junie B Thanksgiving, Sneezy the Snowman, and Jingle Bells Homework smells.
 *If you use the Sticko letter stickers, BE CAREFUL. They are super sticky! It bothers me that the last letter in her name is lower than the rest, but it would have been impossible to remove without destroying it. So it stays!*

We have a full week this week. Our Christmas party is Thursday at the end of the day and then Friday we have "Literacy Day." The students are in mixed grade level groups (K-3) and they go to different classrooms for literacy activities! When they come to my group, they will be doing a word hunt mystery picture! It will be fun...because that day is also Pajama Day! I'm excited for that. It's also our Polar Express Day.

After we watch the movie (& enjoy our popcorn) the kids will get these great bells that I found in the Target Dollar Spot. Thank you , Target!

Speaking of Target, I have been searching stores and online for these "bundled up birds" ever since I saw another blogger post a picture of them in her house. They are ADORABLE. Well, my store was out of stock...and so was every other store within an hour of me! I have been checking the website every few days to see if they would be restocked. Today when I woke up, the website said my store had them in stock, so I jumped up and sped on over there!
I was so excited to get them home and get them up! They are too cute. The reindeer & mini ornaments are also from Target!

Have a great week!

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