Brrrr, it's cold

Hi friends!

The temps here in Illinois are freezing!...actually, they're worse than freezing. We went back to school after break on Monday & Tuesday. Then Wednesday and today were canceled because of the below zero temps. A decision hasn't been made about Friday yet, but we are still in a "wind chill advisory." So we will see!

What is it like by you??


  1. My Wisconsin district has a tough new policy... There has to be a cold weather WARNING between 7 and 9 a.m. with wind chills of 35 below or lower. We've gone every day this week, even when others have canceled. Indoor recess for a solid week... It's killing me!
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    1. That is brutal! I wish our district had a set number though...we were off school Wednesday & Thursday. We went back on Friday even though the wind chills before school were still in the negatives. So plenty of parents kept their kids home anyway. :(