Well, hello! Happy...late...Halloween!

Oh blogger friends,

This whole working full time, being a mommy, and being a blogger is tough work! I'm falling behind on my blogging!

My students have been having a blast with our math stations. I love holiday themed stations...that actually help them learn! We have been learning addition. So I was excited to incorporate Halloween themed addition stations for them! They were excited too!

(1) 10 Frame Addition

I love the dollar store & Target dollar spot. I can always count on them for holiday themed ice trays and holiday themed erasers! My favorite part of these ice trays...they are set up like TEN FRAMES!!!! We have been hitting the 10 frames hard this week with addition so they are perfect! The kids love all of the different Halloween erasers too. (Also, to prevent the stealing of erasers, I tell them up front that they will get to choose on to keep on Halloween. It works.)

(2) How many spiders?
The kids love this station. They roll the dice and put the corresponding number of spider rings on each web. They then write the number sentence to match and write their answer. I found this activity over at First Grade Garden. She has the recording sheet & spider web mat free on her page (along with some other awesome station freebies that my kids have been using)!

(3) Halloween Smartboard Addition
We have also spent a lot of time on picture addition. This smartboard station is a great review of that!

If someone finishes their station activity early, I always have extra things for them...pattern work, graphing, number matching, etc.

We also did a Spider study!
The adorable spiders are from Doodle Bugs Teaching!

Now, we are on to some fall & Thanksgiving themed activities! Maybe I'll get that posted before Thanksgiving actually gets here?? ;)

My litte guy just had his FIRST birthday at the end of October. I cannot believe it. Where did the time go?! He is an awesome kid.

I took the cake pictures myself.
It was going well...
Until I put the hat on him.

We also had some professional pictures taken by Casey M Photography!

Thanks for stopping by! & I'll try to be around more often ;)

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