Fall Addition Art Project!

Hey bloggers!

We have been hitting addition pretty hard the last few weeks! The kids are doing great! Last week, they used pumpkin & candy corn marshmallows to solve addition problems.
And yes, when they were done they got to eat them (they were thrilled). Some kids chose to use the marshmallows as counters and separate them in groups and some chose to use them on a ten frame.

Since they are doing so well, I decided to start throwing some addition with 3 addends their way. Again, no problem!
They started by cutting out their tree from brown & green construction paper and gluing it onto the blue paper. Next, they had small scraps of red, orange, and yellow construction paper. They were able to cut as many small squares from these colors as they wanted to put on the top of the tree and falling from the tree to represent leaves.

After this, they had to write an addition equation to represent the number of leaves falling from the tree!

(The tree craft idea itself came from Rainbows Within Reach. I added the idea of making them write an addition equation to match.)

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! I have a 4 day week I'm looking forward to (we have Tuesday off for Veteran's Day!).

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