Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sale! Sale! Sale!

Hey bloggers!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! It has been great to have some extra days off with family.

Have you been taking advantage of all of the after Thanksgiving sales?! I love it. I don't go out to the stores now that everyone offers everything online though. I know some people find it fun, but I find all of the people annoying and frustrating! So I made some purchases from Kohls, Carters, Amazon, and Citrus Lane online.

Speaking of online shopping...have you heard of Ebates?! It's my new obsession. Signing up is FREE. Then you shop online to qualifying stores (there are TONS of them) and you get cash back! On black Friday, ebates was offering 10% cash back on Kohls purchases! It was amazing.

If you are interested in checking it out, the link is below. They pay out every quarter. It's definitely worth checking out.
 & no, I don't get paid by ebates to promote them-I do get a bonus if you sign up through my link though :)

I'll be using it again on Cyber Monday tomorrow-can't wait!
Speaking of Cyber Monday, are you ready for the big TpT Sale?!
Everything in my store will be 20% off...EVERYTHING! Plus you can use the promo code TPTCYBER to get an additional 10% off!

If you are looking for Christmas items, check these out!:

Or if you are looking ahead into the new year, check these out!:
There is also a freebie from this pack {here}.

I also have a few year round things that you might be interested in!:

I have an Old Lady Combo Pack, or they are also listed separately.
 These are listed as a pack, or also separately.

These are some of my most wish listed & purchased items:

As well as some classroom decoration type things!:

You know what the best part of the TpT Sale is?...None of my items will sell out! So you don't have to get up early to beat the crowds ;)

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