Monday Made: 8/4

Hey friends!

I'm back for another Monday Made It!

This time, I headed to Michaels for my supplies. Have you heard about the promotion they have going on? Create2Educate! It's on instagram & you should check it out! :)
Here are my supplies (minus my hot glue gun that I already owned as well as the sticker numbers).

I started by tracing the pebbles onto the paper. When I was cutting them out, I cut a little inside the lines so that there wouldn't be a bunch hanging around the outside of the pebbles when I glued them on.

After cutting them out, I put a sticker number on each piece of paper. Then I put the tacky glue on the paper and attached it to the back of the pebble.

After letting them sit to dry, I used my hot glue gun to attach the magnet to the back. SO EASY and SO ADORABLE!

I will be using these for my classroom passes. I currently have some that I have been using, but they desperately needed updated. These go on my white board and the students move their number when they leave the room. There are sections on the board that say "bathroom," "another teacher," öffice/nurse." I constantly have kids out of the room for reading recovery, guided reading plus, special ed, speech, counseling, math interventions, the list goes on. So this makes it super easy to see who is out of the room and where they are!

I also did some major updates on my calendar card sets so check those out too!
You can buy them as a full year set or as individual months!

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