Citrus Lane Review

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My little guy just received his August Citrus Lane box today!

This is the first time that his box hasn't arrived in the date range that they say it will (17th-22nd of the month). We received it on the 23rd, so just a day late...but their shipping seems to be getting slower & slower.

ANYWAY! We received the 11 month boy box. I have my son aged up a few months because we had received a few things that were below him in the last box. I would rather have things we have to put away for a few months than things he's already too old to use.

Here's what we received:
1. Snuggly Lotion from Babytime
2. Growth Chart from Petite Collage
3. Snack Container from Innobaby
4.Turtle on Wheels from Green Toys

I'll be honest...the box looked a little empty to me at first. Don't get me wrong, I like the items we received. The toy, growth chart, and snack container will all be used! Eventually, the lotion will get used too. It just seemed like there should be one other thing.

However, when I check up the items & their cost, we definitely got our money worth!
Snuggly Lotion $9.50
Growth Chart $20.00
Snack Container $3.99
Turtle on Wheels $12.99

Total:  $46.48
We pay $19/month. Woohoo! I'm excited to find a place for the growth chart. I'm not sure I would have started one if I didn't receive it in the box, but now I'm excited to get it up and get measuring! I love the Green Toys brand so I know the turtle on wheels will be great! And who doesn't carry snacks with them?!

If you were unsure about Citrus Lane, I definitely say give it a try. They constantly have promotions, deals, and discounts. I just purchased a Mystery Box yesterday! I think the mystery boxes may be my favorite :) They also allow you to add items to your box for no additional shipping charges! I added a few items this month, so when I opened the box it actually looked like this...
I added on some extra snack bags from Bumkins and the water bug toy from Boon. I'm super excited about the water toy-little man loves bath & pool time!

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