Monday, April 21, 2014

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Hey bloggers!

Here is an updated picture of our math word wall. We have covered a lot this year!...and there's even more to do still. Yikes! You can pick up my word wall cards for free {here}!

This week, we started learning about measurement. We started out measuring with cubes. Then we moved to paperclips and eventually to rulers (inches). Their favorite activity was a measurement station day...their packet had pages that had to be measured with all of the different items as well as a station that required them to measure items around the room with cubes-that was their favorite!

The last two weeks in reading, we have been comparing and contrasting fairy tales & mixed up fairy tales! The kids have really enjoyed this! Most of them have heard the traditional stories, but never the different versions!

Some books that we read for this unit:
-Beware of the Bears

-Little Red Riding Hood


I have a few items geared toward this book study for The Three Little Pigs.

I also have a quick Earth Day craft for you!
Items needed: coffee filters, markers, water, heart template
First, the students color the coffee filter with blue & green markers.
Then, they fold the coffee filter up.
Next, the teacher dips the coffee filter into a bowl of water (warning: your fingers will get very messy!).
Then, open the coffee filter and lay it out to dry (we put them on paper towels).
Last, the kids color the Earth Day hearts and glue them on the coffee filter Earths.
{Earth Day Hearts Freebie}

Have a great week!

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