Mother's Day Ideas!

Hey bloggers!

The end of the year is approaching & with that comes Mother's Day! I'm looking forward to my very first Mother's Day this year!! :)

Here is something my kids have done in the past. It is a flower magnet with their picture inside.

It was pretty simple...
1. The kids chose a flower template and traced it onto foam paper.
2. The kids glued their picture into a plastic dixie cup (I had cut the pictures for them).
3. The kids put glue on the rim of the dixie cup & dipped it in glitter.
4. The kids glued the dixie cup to the foam flower (we used a special foam glue).
5. I put a piece of magnetic tape on the back of the flower.

Here is what my kiddos will be doing for their moms this year:
1. A Mother's Day Questionnaire from Doodle Bugs Teaching (it's free & super adorable)
I can't wait to see what kinds of answers my kids give for a few of the questions. It should be entertaining.

2. Smile Blossoms!
I found these over at Raising Arizona Kids. They are adorable! I haven't completely decided how we will do these yet...I'm not sure if we will make them on the front of a card or if we will make our own frames for them. I'll be sure to post a picture after they are done!

What are you doing for Mother's Day?

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