Pot of Gold Craft

Hey bloggers!

I found this fun Pot of Gold craft from Tutus & Tea Parties! I modified it a little bit for my first graders. They turned out really cute! I started by quickly drawing a template on the plates. This just made it easier to explain which part of the plate they needed to cut out. Then I showed them how to color it (& the order of the colors) and off they went! I had them use the section of the plate that they cut out to draw coins, color them, and add them on. Quick, easy, fun, & adorable!

I know it's a little late to use it this year, but you can always file it away for next year! :)
We have report cards tomorrow, conferences tomorrow night, & conferences Friday morning...then we are on spring break!! Super excited! I'm a little bummed that my husband's spring break is the week after (first year we have had different breaks) but we weren't planning on doing much other than hanging out with the little man anyway.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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  1. That's just too cute, Cait!! I'm thinking I'll use your idea and adapt it to be a reading incentive. "Reading's like a pot of gold." They'll get to add a piece of gold for each book they read. Just the thing to spur my 2ndies' competitive spirits! Thanks for sharing.