Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Gifts!

Hey bloggers!

Well, my maternity leave has officially ended...but I was able to back it up to winter break so I still have a few more weeks!

I have finished up a few Christmas gifts that I have been working on...

(1) Lighted Wine Bottles
I have been wanting to make these for awhile, but I needed some help from my dad first! Ha. I didn't have the drill bit needed to put a hole in the wine bottles (even if I did, I'm not really the person that should be drilling into glass!). He also decided to put a small hole in the cork & lid to allow heat to escape. After he put the holes in the bottles, I was able to feed the lights into the bottles with the garland. I found that it was easiest to cut the garland into small strands (3-4 inches long) and put the garland in at the same time as the lights. I choose silver & red foil garland. After that, I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out letters on silver adhesive vinyl. I put a J for my last name on one bottle & H for my friend's last name on the other bottle. And that's it! She loved it and so do I! :)

(2) Diaper Cake
My little man is 8 weeks old today! I cannot believe how fast the time has passed! My teaching partner is due with her second baby in April. I had quite a few newborn diapers left over so I decided to use them to make her a diaper cake!
I started with a thick paper plate on the bottom and a wrapping paper tube going up the middle. On the bottom layer I wrapped the diapers around the tube and tied them up with a ribbon. Then I put the tutu over the top of them. The next two layers have the diapers wrapped around the tube and then the blankets are wrapped around them and tied up with ribbon. Here is what I mean by wrapping the diapers around the tube:
I didn't want to roll each diaper individually (I've heard they're a pain to unroll & flatten to store) so I just started with one diaper wrapped around the tube and continued to wrap more diapers around it.
Here's what I included in the diaper cake:
-Pink Tutu
-4 receiving blankets
-4 washcloths
-Flower teether
-Samples of powder, desitin, shampoo, lotion, & body wash
-Diapers! (not sure exactly how many, they are wrapped up under the bottom 3 layers)
Can you see the owl washcloth? It's my favorite!

(3) Gifts for my Kids
Even though I was on maternity leave, I couldn't help but getting a little something for my kids. I went in one day the last week and took my little man with me! I think that was gift enough for some of them. They were SOOO excited to see me and meet Jace! They could hardly sit still. They all started out in their rug spots...and ended up in a huge mob around me. I didn't mind though because it was cute how excited they were! Anyway! I always give each student a book & some goodies (candy, pencils, erasers, new dry erase marker) for Christmas. Since I wasn't at school this year around Christmas, I decided to just get each of them a book. This year I went with Mooseltoe!

Have a great holiday! :)


  1. Love the diaper cake, what a wonderful way to share with your friend. That was also very sweet of you to visit your class and bring so many presents!! Merry Christmas to you and your family! Good luck with your return to work.

  2. I'm sure they were thrilled to meet your little guy! How incredibly sweet of you to take him in! Congrats! Enjoy the holidays before the craziness begins again. =)


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