Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Monday Made It-December

Hey bloggers!

My body has finally adjusted to the lack of sleep that comes with a new baby...and I've managed to start getting some things done while Jace naps instead of just sleeping along with him!

We had newborn pictures taken when Jace was 6 days old. I love them. Here are a few faves:
These last 2 make me laugh...I am a White Sox fan & hubs in a Cubs fan...check out Jace's face in the Cub picture :)
I'd say he picked his team! haha.

I made some of my own canvas pictures that are going in a collage on our dining room wall. They were super easy to make and MUCH cheaper than ordering canvas prints! I ordered the 8x8 canvases from Amazon. I got 10 of them for $30! I ordered the 6 prints in 8x10 from Walmart (about $2 each) and then already had scissors, Modpodge, a paintbrush, & scrapbook paper around the house. So this project cost about $45!

I started by cutting each 8x10 print so that they would fit on the 8x8 canvas. I wanted to leave a little of the white border around the picture so I cut them to 7.75" squares. After they were cut to size, I used a sponge paintbrush to spread the modpodge onto the canvas and then put the picture on the canvas.

Here is an example of what mine looks like with the white border of the canvas showing. The wall that these are going on is gray and the trim in our house is white so I really like the idea of having some of the white showing to frame the picture on the canvas.

In a previous project, I used scrapbook paper on each side of the canvas as decoration {seen here} but for these I am leaving them white.

The collage is going to be 3canvases x 3canvases on the wall...6 of the canvases are pictures and 3 of them are words. I already had scrapbook paper around the hosue for this next part. I modpodged gray paper onto the 3 remaining canvases. Then I used my cameo and white scrapbook paper to cut out the words & stripes. Then I modpodged them onto the gray paper. Easy! The hardest part was pressing out the bubbles when applying the scrapbook paper (the pictures adhered without a problem)...so those ones aren't perfect, but oh well!

Here's the finished product...on the floor. I can't wait to get them up on the wall!

Something else I've been working on...lots of clipart! Check out the post about my new clipart {here}!

Enjoy your week! :)


  1. My head exploded from the cuteness! Such an adorable baby...you must spend a lot of time smooching that sweet head! I love your project, it will look amazing on your wall.

  2. Your collage is amazing! I think it was look great on the wall. :-) What a beautiful little guy you have there!

    The Craft of Teaching

  3. All of your pictures of your little one are just precious! I loved the craft that you made to display all of your photos. I pinned it for future reference. Love!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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