Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Personal Post...Nursery!

Okay, I don't typically stray away from the teaching world on this blog...but I just have to post about our nursery! I'm in love with it!

Baby J (we don't have a name picked for this little guy yet) is due in mid October but I have had pretty much everything ready to go since before school started!
Here's what you see when you walk into the room (I keep the ottoman against the wall to the left so it's not in the way but this is what it will look like when it is in use!).
I made the pictures above the crib.
Close up of the bedding. I love it! It's from Babies R Us!
Laundry & portable changer (will stay in the basement for hubs to use down there).
Inside the brown cabinet: crib sheets, blankets, jackets & sweatshirts, diapers & wipes, hats, etc!
Here is the baby's closet! I got the closetmaid cubes at Target. The chevron baskets are from Kohls!
Another closet shot.
Changing table & organizers.
Shelf above the changing table. I got that adorable monkey from my teacher partner! It's from Scentsy! You put a scent pack in the monkey to keep the room smelling nice!
The bookshelves behind the glider are the Ikea spice racks that you've been seeing all over pinterest. They were really easy to paint & put together!
Here are a few panoramas I put together of the whole room. It's my favorite room in the house. Sometimes I just go sit in there and look around...it won't be that clean, organized, & quiet for much longer! :)

16 days until my due date...insane!


  1. Such a cute nursery! Can't wait to meet Baby J!!


  2. That is absolutely adorable! You did a fabulous job on the room! Best of luck on your delivery when it comes!


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