Monday, March 25, 2013

Read Aloud-15 Minutes

I received a message asking me to join the Read Aloud 15 of course I agreed!

What is it?:
Read Aloud 15 MINUTES is a non-profit organization that is working to make reading aloud every day for at least 15 minutes the new standard in child care. When every child is read aloud to for 15 minutes every day from birth, more children will be ready to learn when they enter kindergarten, more children will have the literacy skills needed to succeed in school, and more children will be prepared for a productive and meaningful life after school. Reading aloud is the single most important thing a parent or caregiver can do to improve a child's readiness to read and learn. By making 15 minutes of daily reading aloud the new parenting standard, we will change the face of education in this country.

For downloads from their website, click the picture below!

Here's a few of our read aloud books for this week!
(1) There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick

(2) The Easter Egg

(3) Clifford's First Easter

(4) Looking for Easter

Our chapter book this week:
Junie B. Dumb Bunny

We read a chapter from our chapter book each day during snack time. The other read aloud books are used during shared reading time. Clearly, our theme for the week is Easter :)


Read Aloud 15 Minutes.
Every child.
Every parent.
Every day.

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