Monday, December 31, 2012

Welcome 2013 Sale!

Let's start with my Currently...
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My OLW: Patience.
There are a lot of things that I am looking forward to just in life, in general...& I need to be patient.

Let's welcome 2013 with a sale!!!!!!!!!!
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On December 31st & January 1st everything in my TpT & TN stores is 15% off!

That includes my brand new Math Activities with a New Years theme!
(1) Addition Problem & Answer Cards-12 addition problem cards and 12 answer cards.
(2) Addition Doubles & Plus One Cards & Answer Cards-11 doubles cards & 11 answer cards. 10 double plus one cards and 10 answer cards.
(3) Subtraction Problem & Answer Cards-12 subtraction cards and 12 answer cards.
(4) 10 Square Cards-six 10 square cards & recording sheet for students to write number sentences for each card.
(5) Six letter pattern cards (AB, ABC, etc) and 60 individual picture cards for the students to make patterns. Activity sheet included.
Storage labels for each activity included.
TpT    or    TN

You can get to my stores with the links to the right...

or down here :)

Have a wonderful {& safe} New Year's Eve!


  1. Snow AND The Twilight Zone! Oh, my! Heaven! Just found you through Currently! Precious blog! Can't wait to read more!
    Peace, Love, and First Grade

    1. I think I've seen these episodes a hundred times...but they never get old! Thanks for stopping by! Headed to check out your blog now :)

  2. Hello from Mapdot, IL....LOL....I too am listening to the snow....found you via Currently....Great to find another IL Blogger!~!

    1. Yay, Illinois...& Yay, Tim McGraw! haha :)

  3. YAY thanks for linking up and thanks so much for purchasing some ad space... you are too sweet and I hope it brings you lots of new traffic :)

    1. Thanks so much for accepting my ad! :) Have a great New Year!

  4. Found your terrific blog through Currently and I am your newest follower! Enjoy your extra week...I'm headed back to work this Thursday. Somehow I don't think the kids will be quite read to go back either.
    Teacher Gone Digital

  5. I love snow (and having the day off to enjoy it is even better)! I don't really have any patience...but I admire anyone who is willing to choose it is their OLW. I'm a new follower!
    Funky First Grade Fun

  6. Hi! I found your blog through Currently. I love your OLW. I am working to be more patient this new year.

    I am your newest follower.

    Compassionate Teacher
    Hi! I just found you through the Currently and am your newest follower.

    That's so exciting that you got a puppy! I also love that you chose "Joy" for your OWL.

    Compassionate Teacher


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