Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Too early for Vday?

Hey bloggers!

So I finally decided on my resolution! A few years back, I made it a whole year without soda! Well, now that I'm a teacher and have 25 little ones everyday, I don't think I could survive without my Mountain Dew! So here's the plan...odd numbered months will be No Candy months & even numbered months will be No Soda months. I thought about this carefully...February is an even numbered month and there's no way I'll be able to stay away from all that candy, so that is why the odd numbered months are the no candy months! haha. Maybe I'll be able to stick to this resolution...I'll need the help of my coworkers to keep me honest though!

So is it too early to be thinking about Valentine's Day?...because I'm already thinking about it...the candy conversation hearts, the different kinds of Hershey kisses, the sorting, the graphing, the math stations with heart erasers for adding, subtracting, etc etc!! Plus, it means the last classroom party of the year (those seriously stress me out!). Obviously, I'm a bit excited.

Last year, the 100th day of school fell on the day before Valentine's Day...I'm not sure what day it will be this year...hopefully not the same as Valentine's Day! That would be chaos.

Here are a few Valentine's activities that I've recently posted:

Valentine Fact Family Cards
There are 8 task cards and a recording sheet included in this activity.
TpT    or    TN

Valentine Math Mathing Cards
There are number cards 0-20, number word cards 0-20, and picture cards 0-20 for the students to match!
TpT    or    TN

I have also posted some Valentine Themed Backgrounds:
TpT    or    TN
Some other oldies but goodies:

Have a great rest of your break! (or I hope your first day back went well if you're already back!)

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