Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Made It & Monday Must Haves

Well, my first day of the school year is in the books! However, today was just meetings. I don't meet my kiddos until Wednesday!

Here's a sneak peak of my classroom tour (which will be posted this week). I have a few things to get finished in the room tomorrow and then I'll be able to take all of my pictures. But here is my iPad chart & "how we go home" clip chart. The iPad chart I made with my class last year. They came up with the rules. I liked it so I decided to keep it! The going home clip chart is new for this year!

I'm joining in with 4th Grade Frolics for another Monday Made It!
I added some scrapbook paper to my cabinet drawers! Super cute. I found some school themed paper at Hobby Lobby that worked perfectly since this is in my classroom! It was really easy! I simply cut the papers to fit, put mod podge on the inside, and stuck the papers in!

I'm also joining in with Blog Hoppin' for Must Haves Monday!

My first must have...Scotch Thermal Laminator. I loooooove my laminator. It's quick, easy, and the lamination film is thicker than the film at my school.
My second must have...binders! I'm trying really hard to be organized this year! I always start organized and then it falls apart midway through. So my goal this year is to use binder to keep everything in it's place! Organization is important!

Go link up with your Monday Made Its & Monday Must Haves! :)


  1. Love these Monday Made Its! The iPad rules are cute on the iPad! I just made a giant iPad for my room. I want to make my little drawer filing cabinet fancy.

  2. I sooo need to get a sub binder going. Wanted to do that over summer... but somehow that's one thing on my to do list that didn't get done! I used my laminator tonight... but to be serious... I think I've been using it EVERY night these past few weeks! :) I love that thing!!!

    Reaching for the TOP!


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