Saturday, August 4, 2012

August Currently & New Items

Hey all!

Sorry I haven't posted lately...I've been busy in my room! I'm hoping to get it all organized so that I can post a classroom tour soon! :)

Here's my August currently...linking up with Oh'Boy 4th Grade!

I love watching the Olympics!..but pretty much everything else going on for me right now has to do with school. I worked registration this week and it looks like we're going to be pretty full this year! I also spent a few days working in my classroom. All of the big things are back in their places so just some minor things left. I can't wait for the room to be done. At registration a teacher said, "See you in a few weeks!"to a little boy and he responded, "No, 20 days!" I guess teachers aren't the only ones that know the exact number :)

I finished up a few items this weekend that I'll be using at the beginning of the year.

First, some August calendar cards! These cards have an apple AB pattern.
TNbook    or    TpT

Second, some apple math & literacy centers/stations. We always do an apple unit at the beginning of the year during shared reading so I'll use these stations while we're doing that unit.
 TNbook    or    TpT

(1) Consonant Sounds-students match consonant letter cards to the correct picture card.
(2) ABC Match-students practice matching capital letters & lowercase letters.
(3) Sour Apples-a game in which students practice reading sight words...try not to pick the sour apples card!
(4) Apple Sort-students sort real & nonsense words and record them on the worksheet included.

(1) Number Match-students match number cards with the picture card containing the correct amount of apples.
(2) Picture Patterns-students practice picture patterns by putting the correct final picture card on the pattern strips or by making their own with the individual cards.
(3) Before & After Numbers-students practice +1 and -1 with these cards (can be used as wipe off cards or students can record answers on the worksheet included).
(4) Number Patterns-students can use these number strips as wipe off cards to practice counting 1s, 2s, & 5s (kept numbers low as these will be used in beginning of year in my room).
(5) Apple Graph-Students count each picture and color in the graph and answer questions about it.

And finally, a {FREEBIE} for you! I love these clipart creatures from Melonheadz!
 TNbook    or    TpT

I've seen a few people posting that they start this upcoming week already! Wow. Good luck to you all!...I'll be enjoying my last few weeks by my pool (& maybe in my classroom a few days, haha).


  1. Your apple themed centres are soooo cute! Hope you enjoy those last few days of summer. Pack in all the fun or relaxation that you possibly can.
    Adventures in Primary Education

  2. We must seriously be on the same wavelength! I was just watching the Olympics, and it's a lazy Saturday because we have thunderstorms too! Your blog is adorable!! I am totally going to tell all of my lower-el teacher friends to come check you out!! Have a great August!

    Young Teacher Love 5th Grade Blog

    1. Aww, thanks!! I appreciate you passing on my blog to your friends :) I'm on my way to yours right now!

  3. I totally forgot about back to school shopping for clothes until I just saw it as one of your must haves! Enjoy your last 16 days of summer :)

  4. I love those apple AB patterned cards. I found you through Farley's Currently, your blog is so cute:)


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