Ozobot Party with Tryazon!

Hi everyone!

I was selected to host an Ozobot Edu Party through Tryazon!

If you haven't heard of Tryazon, you should check them out. They have awesome giveaways and select people to host parties...and get free stuff! Who doesn't love free stuff?!

On Monday, I hosted an Ozobot Party for staff at my school!
I simply sent out an email invitation on Friday and let them know about the goodies that I would have on display and to stop by, try them out, and enter the giveaway.

By hosting the party, I received an Ozobot Evo and Experience Pack to try out and show off!
I was also given the same as a giveaway option at the party!

During the party, I had the items open and available for staff use.
Check out the pictures below of staff members experimenting with Ozobot!

Ozobot can be used with markers (black, blue, green, red) for coloring coding. This is what my students (first graders) have used with Ozobot. I have found that my Mr. Sketch markers in these colors work as well! The different color codes tell the Ozobot what to do (zigzag, tornado, backward, slow, fast, etc).

Ozobot can also be controlled with the Ozobot App for more coding experience. Ozobots can be personalized by downloading characters or purchasing additional skins.

Overall, the Ozobot was a huge hit with the teachers and we stood around brainstorming ideas for using them at the K-3 level. We thought it would be cool for K and 1st teachers to use them during literacy and math to have students practice forming letters. The could use the markers to draw capital or lowercase letters and put color codes on them as well! The kids would love that.

Do you use an Ozobot in your classroom?
I'd love to read your ideas in the comments! :)

Interested in getting an Ozobot of you own?
Check out Ozobot Evo!
Checkout Evo Experience Pack!

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