Back to School 2017

Hi everyone!

We had our Meet the Teacher night this week and overall, it was a success! I have 21 students this year and was able to meet almost all of them already!

Our meet the teacher night is open house style. Students can come anytime during the 4-6:30 time frame. They meet their teacher, check out the classroom, find out bus information, and can drop off supplies. I love that kids can bring supplies on this night! I have directions on the desks and pre-made labels with each child's name for their supplies. This way, the parents can help put away certain supplies that I want in desks right away and they can help pack extra supplies into a gallon baggy to be put away until students need them later. It saves us a lot of time on the 1st day of school if I don't have to do this for all of the students! :)

My school has a "Western" theme this year. I decided to go with more of a "campfire/rustic" approach to my western theme. 

I got the blow up campfire from Oriental Trading. I used it as my way of displaying donation requests! I wrote items that we need on the s'mores.

These are the goody bags that I made for students! They each have a pencil, eraser, bandana, and a few pieces of candy!
You can see better pics of each item {here}.
You can get the gift tag for free {here}.

This is how I presented information to parents. The students received a welcome letter from me (with a QR code at the bottom-if scanned, it would play a recording of me reading it to them!). The colorful flip book has all the information the parents will need. This was an editable freebie on TpT that you can get {here}.
I always print a few extras in put them in baggies. This way when I have new students enter throughout the year, I can quickly give them these little baggies to take home to their parents!

Monday is our first day of's also the day that my 2 grade classes start and the day that my son starts pre-school...and the eclipse day! Here's to hoping I survive this week! :)

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