Saturday, December 31, 2016

Stitch Fix January 2017

Happy New Year!

I got an awesome surprise when my January Stitch Fix showed up a few days early! It was expected to arrive January 3rd and I got it on December 31! Yay!

When I open the box, I like to look at the clothes and try them on before I even look at the prices. I actually forgot that I had a fix coming up (I order 4 times a year) and since December is so crazy, I never made a request to my stylist! When I opened this box, I was thrilled!

Here we go! :)

Winslette Super Skinny Jean by Just Black
These jeans were really nice. However, after walking around in them while trying on the clothes and taking pictures, I decided against them. They fit pretty well, but I had to keep pulling them up at the waist. I considered keeping them because I thought I was going to keep everything from the box, but for the price I decided against it.

Kayli Lace Shoulder Knit Top by Papermoon
I really like this top! It is very comfortable and not too tight fighting. I love the shoulder detail. It is black lace with some gold shimmer! Super cute. I'm keeping this one!

Nehalem Woven Back Knit Top by Le Lis
I really like the style of this shirt. The pattern on the back is cute and the fabric was really soft! Again, I considered keeping all of the pieces in this fix, but I decided that I already have a few shirts similar to this and I didn't love the price.

Azzle Crochet Back Knit Pullover by Le Lis
This shirt is so comfortable! I love the thick waistband and the lace detail on the back. This is a keeper!

Jahana Cargo Vest by Market & Spruce
Oh my gosh. LOVE. I have been eyeing vests similar to this one so I was super excited to see it in my fix this month! I was a little hesitant because of the price. Soooo, I checked and found a similar one for $30. Shhhh. ;)

Overall, I *LOVED* this fix. Franchesca was my stylist and I will be requesting her for next time as well. Everything that she picked was definitely my style! I ended up keeping 2 of the shirts and found my own vest on

If you are interested in trying out Stitch Fix yourself, you can sign up here!
They have different options for how often you receive a fix, which I love.

Happy New Year, friends!
Ps-Everything in my TpT store is on sale 12/31-1/2. 

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