Sunday, October 2, 2016

Stitch Fix Review!

Hi everyone!

I received another Stitch Fix this weekend!
I asked my stylist for fall items in navy, maroon, or mustard yellow.
Here is what Lindsay sent...

The first item I tried was a light grey hi-lo tee by Market & Spruce.
This shirt is very soft! It's a great basic tee that can be worn with so many different things. My stylist nailed this one on the head...unfortunately I already have 3 grey shirts just like this, so it will be returned. But it is a great shirt and fits my style!

The second item that I pulled out was a black Olive & Oak Jerian Lace Detail Top.
At first, I was a little bummed. I literally just bought a top exactly like this at Target last week. So my stylist hit it on the head again...but I already have a shirt like this in the same colors!
But then...I turned it around.
I {LOVE} the lace and button details on the back! The shirt from Target was purchased to wear with a vest, but this is definitely a stand alone shirt.

The next item I tried a burgundy striped knit top by Pixley.
I like the color and the cute black details on the sides and elbows. I have pinned shirts just like this on my style pinterest board! So it is definitely my style.
Unfortunately, this was a little tighter fitting in the stomach area than I prefer.

The next item I tried was this burgundy reversible ruana by Echo.
I pinned a few kimono style tops on pinterest. However, I do not like the brown or burnt orange on this one. So it's not for me.

The last item I tried was the navy corduroy straight leg jean by Edyson.
These fit pretty well and I would love a navy pant, but I haven't fully decided yet!

Here is the price breakdown:
Market & Spruce Grey Tee $44...returned
Olive & Oak Black Jerian Top $64...keep
Pixley burgundy striped knit top $48...returned
Echo burgundy reversible ruana $59...returned
Edyson navy corduroy straight leg jean $78...undecided

If I would have kept everything, the total would have been $293. But if you keep everything you get a 25% discount, and you get a $20 credit from your styling fee! So if I would have kept everything it would have cost $199.75. That's a pretty great deal!

Even though I'm only keeping 1 or 2 things, I am happy with this fix! There was only 1 item that I was really opposed to even trying on. The items matched my style & color requests and match my style!

If you want to try Stitch Fix yourself, head {here} to sign up!

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