New Products, 100th Day, & Linky Parties!

Hi friends!

I have a lot to talk about today and I'm combining a few linky parties to get it done
(no need for multiple posts in a day!).

I'm joining Kacey for her Five for Friday (er, Sunday?) and Tara for Monday Made It!

My kids made some cute snowman art projects out of paper plates (because I don't like close ups of my students on here, here is the example I found from Meaningful Mama).
Snowman Paper Plate Mask for Kids
Each student made one, then I took their picture, and now they are decorating our classroom door with the title "We are learning 'snow' much in first grade!"
Super cute!
This year I have a student that requires a one on one aid. This is the first time that I have had an aid in my classroom because it is not something that my district does often. This little guy has autism and is very limited verbally. The start of the school year was a rough transition...but then October through December were GREAT! He was making awesome progress verbally, academically, and behaviorally! Since coming back from winter break, it has been a tough transition again. So I came up with an idea for him to have a Mario behavior chart. He LOVES Mario. So the awesome Sped teacher at my school made this up!
The first day, he didn't care at all...until he went home and realized that he only got so many game minutes at home based on how many coins he earned at school. It is so great that he has supportive parents!

I have done A LOT of laminating this week!
This picture was done while I was laminating at home-with my old model laminator. It still works wonderfully! :) At school I have the updated model which can be found {here}. And I was able to get this huge pouch of laminating sheets when they were on sale {here}. We have a laminator at school, but laminating is only done a few days a week and the film is thinner. So when I need something done quickly or I want it with thicker lamination, I do it myself!

I have also been busy making some new products this week!
(This is where my Monday Made It comes in!)
Since the school year started, I have been blogging about using Math Reads in my classroom 
(check those out here).I LOVE them...and so do the kids! 
(picture above is one of the activities)
See it {here}!
I have been creating things to use in the classroom (some whole group, some small group) with these books and I am finally ready to list them! They are currently ON SALE in my store! And I plan to continue to add to it as I use more books, so get it at a great price now and re-download later when more is added!! :)

I have also been working on some new things for Valentine's Day!
This is a set of 7 Valentine's themed activities and games!
These are just in time for February and include the following skills: true/false addition, 3 addend addition, addition doubles, place value, word problems, number order. Check it out!
We also had our 100th day of school this week!
This kids were super pumped!
I was pretty terrible about remembering to take pictures, but here is a list of things we did!
Morning Work: 100 Circles
The kids follow a color code to color in the 100 circles in groups of 10. It can be found {here}.
Math: Number Hunt
I have the numbers up around the room and the kids have to color their number chart accordingly to see the magic picture. You can pick it up for FREE in my store!
Writing: 100 Theme
They had a few different writing options (I would buy 100..., I would eat 100..., I wouldn't want 100..., etc). But this one was by far their favorite! I used the aging app to edit pictures of them to put inside the zeros of 100.
Other: 100 Sign, 100 Snack
This was hanging in the doorway when they came in.
They also got to enjoy a special snack!

One last thing...I posted about this freebie last time but snatch it up if you missed it! This is another item I plan to continually add on to later.

Have a great week!!

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