January Stitch Fix!

Hi friends!

My January Stitch Fix arrived today!
I love seeing that box on the porch...it is SO exciting!!

Here is my box preview:
I ALWAYS buy things in blue...so I was kind of disappointed because I asked for something different...but I know I look good in blue so here we go!

This is what I tried on first!
Dayna Skinny Jean by Kut From the Kloth
Keeli Raglan Knit Top by THML

Action Shots!
This shirt is SO soft and comfy!!
Next up:
Polly Abstract Chevron Tie-Waist Tunic

Action Shots!
I paired it with navy leggings and white capris. I think white leggings would be cute too! This shirt is fun and cute.
I also paired the tunic above with the navy cardigan from my fix!
Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan by 41Hawthorn

Last, but not least!
Granby Raglan Knit Top by Loveappella

Action Shot:
This was another cute and soft top! I love raglan shirts.

Final Decisions:
Dayna Skinny Jean $88-return
These were cute and looked like they fit well...but the waist was too big and in the short time I was wearing them, I was constantly pulling them up. I can't stand that.
Keeli Raglan Knit Top $54-keep
I'm so excited about this shirt. It is so comfy!
Polly Abstract Chevron Tunic $54-???
I can't decide! I'ts cute!...do I need it?
Abrianna Longsleeve Cardigan $48-return
It is cute...but I could easily find something similar for cheaper.
Granby Raglan Top $58-return
I went back and forth on this one. I love raglan shirts...but $58? I can't do that. And looking at these pictures, it isn't incredibly flattering! Haha.

What do you think...should I keep the Abstract Chevron Tunic?!

If you are interested in signing up for Stitch Fix, you can check it out {here}.
They allow you to choose how often you want to receive a fix, and you can send your stylist tips on what you like (or don't like!).
I also love that you can pin pictures of styles that you like to a pinterest board and send it to your stylist! I think this is the best way to get things that you like!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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  1. I vote for keeping the abstract chevron tunic-it is versatile and you look great in it! Thanks for sharing your fix!