Five for Friday {12.11.15}

Hi all!

It has been a BUSY week!
We started the week with our Christmas Program Monday night! Having it Monday night totally threw off my whole week. I went home after school Monday and then went back at 6pm for the program...and then home again, which made it feel like Tuesday night! So I was a day ahead all week. Ugh :/
I'm joining in with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!
This week was the week of crafts! We made crafts for hallway decor and for parent gifts!

Let's start with our decor projects. Since this week is when things start to get rough...because the kids start getting excited about Christmas...I decided to plan a project a day to break things up a bit!
We made these hot chocolate projects and incorporated addition with the marshmallows.
We also made these ornament projects and incorporated addition with three whole numbers.
We also made some cute reindeer projects, just for fun! :)
You can download the template {here}.
The idea for these came from {here}.
We also wrapped up our non-fiction penguin study, and made these cute penguins for the classroom!
You can download the template {here}.
One of our school paraprofessionals is super crafty. She made these for each teacher to put outside our classroom. How cute are these?!
We also got a big surprise this week! My Donor's Choose project was funded and the items arrived!! I asked for a class set of seat help with our wiggles!
The kids were SO excited! Obviously, we set some rules about when we would use them, when we wouldn't use them, and how to use them appropriately. There was also some trial and error with the amount of air...some kids like a lot and some like a little. But after using them all week, they are loving them! Pumping them all up was a pain, but I'm really glad we have them!
We got our first parent gift completed this week! We made these cute snowman ornaments! I forgot to take a picture, so this one is from last year. This year we used round ornaments...but I think I actually like the square ones better.

We started our second parent gift. They will be making a photo ornament. I took a picture of each of them with Christmas lights on them and behind them. Picture to come when they finish them this week!
This week we had some special visitors. The junior high band in our district came to play some Christmas songs for the kids! They loved singing along with them!
I also started working on some things around the house! Check out the Christmas Eve box that I got ready for my little guy. I'm super excited to start this tradition with him. Every Christmas Eve he will get to open this one thing. It will always have new PJs, a movie, some snacks, and bedtime books. I love it!!

This next week will be...a struggle, I'm sure. But WE CAN DO IT, teachers!

Good Luck! ;)

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  1. I've never seen those seat cushions before...I'd be interested in hearing about how they work out!