Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Teacher Week: Tuesday Plan Ahead Meals

Hey bloggers!

I'm back for Day 2 of Teacher Week!

Here is today's topic:

I'll be honest, in the past I have been really bad at meal prep. It never failed, we always ended up picking up food on the way home or having something delivered. Well, I finally decided that enough was enough-living that way is expensive...and not healthy!

This year I have planned out 3 weeks worth of meals...sounds like a bit much, I know, but we are a picky family and I didn't want us getting burnt out on the same meals over and over.

You will notice a few patterns in our meals.
1. We like Italian food.
2. We like easy crock pot meals.
Mostaccioli Monday, Taco Tuesday...it's fun when things work out like that! :) Those are both easy meals to make when I get home from work. The lasagna I quick prep in the crock pot in the morning (you don't have to pre-cook the noodles) and it cooks all day. My little guy LOVES helping me make a pizza so that is one of my favorite meals. Crock pot chicken is another one of our favorites. Sometimes we eat them as chicken breasts or sandwiches. But I love throwing it in the crock pot before work and having it basically ready when we get home!
Our spaghetti meal varies-sometimes it is plain spaghetti, sometimes it is penne, sometimes we mix ground beef in with it, gotta mix it up! Again, this is a meal I can make quickly after I get home from work. The chicken quesadillas are fairly quick to make after work as well. Homemade pizza is back in the plans for this week-little man loves it! Parmesan chicken does require a little more prep work, but it is one of hubs favorites. We just had crock pot cheeseburgers for the first time. It was a hit! You do have to brown the meat before throwing it in the crock pot, but overall it wasn't difficult.
Ravioli is a simple one to cook after school and always enjoyed by the family! Tortellini soup was new to me when my husband first started making it. It's tortellini, chopped chicken breasts, and chicken broth. Shredded BBQ chicken is another easy crock pot meal. We use root beer in ours and it is SO sweet. Fantastic meal! I made crock pot baked ziti for the first time last week. I followed the directions as given and it was a bit too cheesy for us. I will cut back on the cheese next time and it will stay in the rotation! Crock pot pulled pork is another favorite around here. This is another one that we use root beer as an ingredient! (I substitute boneless country ribs as our meat in this recipe.)

So there you have my meal prep! I tried to link as many of the recipes as I could from Pinterest. Our side dishes usually consist of salad, garlic bread, baked potatoes, fries, etc depending on the meal. My new favorite side dish to make when we have cookouts is this Mac & Cheese recipe. It is delicious! I hope you find some new favorites! :)

Right now, the weather is still nice so whenever possible we try to fit in grilling out. Hubs is a grill master! :)

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