Thursday, September 3, 2015

Teacher Week: Thursday Sanity Savers

Hey bloggers!

I'm back again for Day 4 of Teacher Week with Blog Hoppin!

Here is the topic for today:

My sanity savers?
Number everything.
Mailboxes, cubbies, bookboxes, lunch card pockets, clothespins on the clip chart (gasp, I still use one!), etc. I put numbers on everything so that I don't have to relabel them every year like people that use names on everything. It is a huge time saver!

Another sanity saver?
My Daily Binder, Calendar Book & Sub Binder.
My daily binder holds important information like our schedule, student info, student assessment data, parent contact information, meeting notes, etc. It is so nice to have it all in one place!

The same is true of my calendar book. It has monthly calendars where I write assessment deadlines, meeting dates, personal appointments, etc. It also has weekly sections where I can write school plans, person plans, whatever! There is also a section in the back for notes. This year I added in a few pages so that is also doubles as my plan book!!!! (I have only updated this calendar book to have the option for the lesson plans-it is the editable version so that you can change the top sections to your specific daily schedule!).
I also have a sub binder that stays at my desk area. Some information stays the same each year and then I just switch out my class list, allergy info, medical info, etc. It makes it SO easy!
I definitely recommend having something similar. It may take a few tries to find something that really works for you, but it's definitely worth it to stay organized!

Those are my big tips for sanity savers! I hope they help!
Happy Thursday!

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  1. I just started using a planner. It helps so much to add dates during our many staff meetings. Keeps me prepared.


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