Monday Made It 8.3.15

Hey bloggers!

Summers keep getting shorter and shorter.
I'm sure of it.
Summer is slowly coming to a close. But I had time to finally finish up my classroom decor pack! I'm super excited about it. I'm switching my classroom colors from rainbow to black & white with bright pink & blue accents. Yay!
I finally was able to print the decor pack and make any changes so it is now posted on TpT! AND...just in time for the TpT Back to School Sale (& Monday Made It)!!!!
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You can get it on sale today & tomorrow only!
There are a TON of things included in this pack. If I had everything laminated, I show you some action shots but I can't get in to use the laminator for another week and I don't feel like running all 180 pages through my Scotch laminator! Ha. The full description of items can be found in the TpT item listing.
Also, don't forget about my upcoming giveaway! There is still time to join in and enter an item for the giveaway. Check it out below!
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Thank you!
Here is a quick picture of some bulletin boards that I got put up last transition from rainbow to black & white will be a slow one throughout the year. I left my word wall from last year. I added a black plastic tablecloth to the right side of the board (where I usually put word families, blends, digraphs, etc). I added a bright blue border around the word wall, a bright pink sparkly border around the right side, and a black sparkly border around the whole thing. Love it! :)

Here is my last one for today! These are back to school gifts for my new firsties! Since my school has the circus theme this year, I wanted their gift to be something fun. Sure, I could have bagged up some popcorn and put some catchy circus saying on there, but I wanted FUN. So they are getting bubble wands!
You can get the tags for these in my TpT store...for FREE! :)

How is your room prep going?
When do you start back??