Thursday, March 5, 2015

Classroom Library Organization!

Hey bloggers!

This is my 5th year in my classroom. When I took over the room, the library was set up a certain way and I just left was way too big of a job at the time (I was hired about 2 weeks before school started). This year, I have a student teacher so I have some extra time to finally organize! It was originally set up with fiction books in green, yellow, and red tubs. They were supposed to be easy, medium, and hard respectively. I found that they were not actually organized that way, which made it hard for my students to find "just right" books. So, I organized the books by their reading level!

I used the app "Literacy Leveler" that I purchased on my phone. It was $2 or $3..and SO worth it!
I started by printing colored labels. I printed colored rectangles on regular Avery labels.
Then I decided what levels the colors would represent.
Then, I used the app to start leveling the books! The app was great because I could scan the ISBN number or type it in and it would give me the info! You can also search for books by title, author, etc.
It took awhile, but eventually I got the books all leveled! I put the labels on the spine of the books so that they are showing when the books are on the shelves. I debated whether or not I would put the books right on the shelves or in the tubs...I decided to put them in the tubs because the tubs can be pulled out so that the books can be looked at easier.

I used to have my nonfiction books organized by themes in these tubs, so now I need to figure out how I want to arrange those in the shelves. I'm just glad to have the fiction books done though!

How do you organize your classroom library?!

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